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Student Ambassadors / Work Study

Colleen Bevers
Sophomore from Canistota, S.D.
Biology major
Participates in SIFE, Archery Club
Strengths: Positivity, Ideation, Strategic, Maximizer
“I feel, overall, that DWU just creates an amazing atmosphere for learning.”

Skyler Eriksen
Junior from Presho, S.D.
Elementary education major
Participates in football and Future Teachers Organization (FTO)
Strengths: Competition, Positivity, Woo, Harmony, Activator
“I wanted to go to a small private college with a good atmosphere and a football program. I have chosen to stay because I like the school, instructors, coaches and the people.”

Shawna Evans
Junior from Martin, S.D.
Human services major
Participates in SAB
Strengths: Woo Adaptability, Positivity, Includer, Significance
“I chose Dakota Wesleyan because it’s a small, close-knit campus. I love the attention you can get from professors, and how close our campus is as a whole.”

Brittany Fischer
Sophomore from Tripp, S.D.
Nursing major
Participates in Choir, band, Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Strengths: Responsibility, Achiever, Consistency, Harmony, Developer
?When I first toured here, it just felt like home. I have chosen to stay a DWU student because I love the campus, my classes and the teachers. I have also made a lot of good friends here.?

Joe Ford
Sophomore from Vermillion, S.D.
Graphic design major
Participates in Campus Worship, intramurals, Student Ministry Council (SMC) and is a resident assistant
Strengths: Strategic, Achiever, Futuristic, Individualization, Input
“DWU has up-to-date technology and knowledge to equip you in your degree as well as any other school. The university is really good at striving to challenge all students in all aspects of life, but focuses on each individual’s strengths.”

Pam Getman
Juniorfrom Hill City, S.D.
Accounting major
Participates in NSO leader
Strengths: Woo, Empathy, Positivity, Competition, Activator
“I chose to attend DWU because of the community feeling on campus. I stayed, because of the great professors, great programs and friends I have made here.”

Amanda Hart
Junior from Alexandria, S.D.
English and sports management major
Participates in women’s basketball, SIFE, the student newspaper, and NSO leader
Strengths: Achiever, Competition, Harmony, Learner, Restorative
“Students at DWU get an educational experience that no other school in this state can provide. DWU prepares you for post-graduation, whereas most other institutions prepare you for graduation.”

Christen Hildebrandt
Senior from Faribault, Minn.
History education major
Participates in Student Senate President, Student Ministry Council (SMC), and Campus Worship
Strengths: Learner, Achiever, Individualization, Intellection, Deliberative
“I chose to come to DWU because it was a small Methodist school and offered me a great scholarship. I decided to stay at DWU because of all the great teachers, staff and friends I have made here.”

Alex Hinz
Senior from Littleton, Colo.
Sports management and pre-law major
Participates in baseball and Student Senate, NSO leader
Strengths: Empathy, Achiever, Deliberative, Focus, Relator
“I had the opportunity to play baseball, and I liked the small town atmosphere. I stay because of the environment and people.”

Tiffany Hogen
Junior from Mitchell, S.D., and a transfer from USD
Nursing major
Participates in Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Strengths: Empathy, Achiever, Deliberative, Focus, Relator
“DWU is close to home and also has a great nursing program and faculty.”

Valerie Hummel
Sophomore from Yankton, S.D.
Religion and philosophy major
Participates in Student Ministry Council
Strengths: Responsibility, Deliberative, Belief, Connectedness, Input
“I came for a youth rally in the eighth grade and I just knew I would go here – no doubt in my mind. I love it here. I have made close friends and I enjoy how small the campus and classes are. I also love how many opportunities there are to be active – Christian and not always Christian-related.”

Katie Johnson
Sophomore from Mead, Neb.
Accounting major
Participates in women’s basketball, Student Senate, Bible study, Math Club and the Honors Program
Strengths: Belief, Harmony, Foucs, Significance, Analytical
“From the academic perspective, I was impressed with the small class sizes. Upon closing out my freshman year, my expectations were surpassed because professors and instructors would go out of their way to help. There are ample opportunities for me to be involved based on my interests and passions.”

Chase Kristensen
Junior from Plankinton, S.D.
Leadership and public service major
Participates in men’s golf and Universities Fighting World Hunger
Strengths: Competition, Woo, Futuristic, Communication, Achiever
“Because the college is so close to home, I hadn’t thought to come here, but after taking my tour and meeting faculty and coaches, I quickly made up my mind. I have stayed at DWU because of the people who are here. DWU is my home away from home and the people I have met during my time here have become like family, more than just friends.”

Alex Kuehler
Junior from Black Hawk, S.D.
Biology major
Participates in women’s soccer, CHAOS (sciences club), NSO leader
Strengths: Woo, Adaptability, Communicator, Developer, Positivity
“I really enjoy the faculty, staff and students that surround me, plus, it’s a really good science program. The faculty and staff love what they do and will help you really understand your majors.”

Cassandra Landgaard
Sophomore from Worthington, Minn.
Athletic training and biology major
Participates in women’s soccer, Athletic Training Club, Honor Society and is a resident assistant
Strengths: Learner, Achiever, Focus, Futuristic, Relator
“The people here make me feel at home and they truly care about me. I love the friendly atmosphere.”

Kayla Leininger
Junior from Watertown, S.D.
Elementary education major
Participates in Student Ministry Council, Future Teachers Organization, Student Senate and NSO leader
Strengths: Achiever, Learner, Input, Intellection, Discipline
“I chose to attend DWU because it was a smaller, private university with a religious background. I have chosen to stay because I have built a lot of great relationships and love the atmosphere at DWU.”

Leah Miller
Senior from Corsica, S.D., and a transfer from USD
Biochemistry major
Participates in Student Activities Board, senior class president, tutoring, CHAOS (sciences club), and CMN
Strengths: Empathy, Achiever, Harmony, Relator, Belief
 “After going to USD for a semester, I decided it wasn’t for me. I chose DWU because of its noted academics and the small campus. I stayed because of the family atmosphere and large number of opportunities.”

Linsey Peterson
Junior from Pierre, S.D.
Sport, exercise and wellness major
Participates in women’s soccer
Strengths: Restorative, Learner, Discipline, Belief, Competition
“I decided to attend DWU because of the small-town atmosphere. Also, at DWU I felt like a student, not just a number, when I visited.”

Chelsea Raker
Sophomore from Scotland, S.D.
Biology major
Strengths: Achiever, Harmony, Learner, Responsibility
“DWU feels like home. The professors are helpful and the campus is a lot of fun.”

Yutzil Rodriguez
Senior from Pierre, S.D., and a transfer from USD
Human services major
Participates in women’s soccer, Student Activities Board, NSO leader
Strengths: Positivity, Restorative, Woo, Empathy, Includer
“I came to DWU on a soccer scholarship, and I can honestly say that transferring was the best thing I have ever done. I love school here, I am so much happier.”

Tyler Sarringar
Junior from Pierre, S.D.
Athletic training major
Participates in wrestling, tutoring and is a resident assistant
Strengths: Achiever, Positivity, Learner, Competition, Developer
“I liked the small-school environment, and that is one of the biggest reasons why I love it so much here. The professors know who you are and are willing to help any student who asks for it. I also chose to stay at DWU because of the athletic training program. I feel the strength of this program will put me way ahead at whatever I choose to do.”

Michael Stier
Sophomore from Onida, S.D.
Criminal justice major
Participates in track and field, Student Senate, SIFE
Strengths: Belief, Restorative, Woo, Communicator, Empathy
“Having smaller class sizes allows students to get one-on-one time with the professors. I have chosen to stay at DWU because it is my home. I have made so many friends that I never want to lose.”

Kelli Swenson
Junior from Chamberlain, S.D.
Leadership and public service and business administration major
Participates in volleyball, Universities Fighting World Hunger, Student Ministry Council, and is vice president of Student Senate
Strengths: Developer, Includer, Relator, Empathy, Woo
“I chose DWU based on a volleyball scholarship and the close, community-like feel through the campus that I experienced during my individual tour. I have chosen to stay because I simply cannot imagine myself anywhere else. Professors and faculty are compassionate and willing to go out of their way to help you succeed. Dakota Wesleyan also allows students to explore career interests and then tailors majors/minors for each vocation. DWU also has amazing internship and service project opportunities that foster growth in personal experiences and faith while also allowing students to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”

Katie Uttecht
Sophomore from Norfolk, Neb.
Elementary education major
Participates in softball
Strengths: Woo, Positivity, Adaptability, Ideation, Communicator
“I liked the campus, softball program and the town of Mitchell. Everyone is so nice here; it’s great.”

Jenna Winckler
Sophomore from Lake Andes, S.D.
Nursing major
Participates in women’s golf
Strengths: Competition, Responsibility, Achiever, Arranger, Woo
“After meeting with the faculty, staff and golf coach, I knew this is where I had to go. I loved that I was able to continue my golf career while pursuing a degree in nursing.”


Admissions Office Student Workers

Breanna Clark
Junior from Loveland, Colo.
Business administration and leadership and public service major
Participates in Student Activities Board, Math Club and Universities Fighting World Hunger
Strengths: Achiever, Responsibility, Significance, Includer, Maximizer
“I chose to attend DWU because I loved the school’s commitment to community service and I felt a calling that this was where I needed to be. I have stayed because I have already had so many opportunities presented to me and so many more yet to come.”

Kolleen Matthies
Sophomore from Marion, S.D.
Nursing major
Strengths: Includer, Adaptability, Belief, Responsibility, Developer
“I chose to attend DWU because it felt like a home away from home. Everyone here always has a smile on their face.”

Kayla Summerville
Junior from Platte, S.D.
Human services major
Participates in Human Services Club and Student Activities Board
Strengths: Harmony, Adaptability, Arranger, Belief, Empathy
“I chose to attend DWU because the atmosphere of the entire campus (faculty, staff and campus itself) really appealed to me, small class sizes, and it was close to home. I have chosen to stay at DWU because I love the atmosphere, I’ve developed some close bonds with faculty and students, I feel DWU offers great opportunities for my future, and I feel like I’m a part of DWU now."
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