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Closing the Assessment Loop and Making Improvements in Student Learning


Closing the Assessment Loop and Improving Student Learning

As a result of assessment practices, DWU faculty and staff have taken actions to enhance and improve student learning.   Three examples of “closing the assessment loop” are included below.

Effective Expression-Writing

Dr. Joseph Ditta, professor of English, shares information related to changes that have been made to improve student writing. 



Service Learning

Dr. Derek Driedger, assistant professor of English, shares information related to the creation of a service-learning component in COR 301 Interdisciplinary Investigations II as a result of assessment. 



Service Learning

One of the service-learning projects conducted by COR 301 students included collaborating with the Supporting Players Offering Opportunities for Educational Development (SPOOFED) group from Mitchell High School, Mitchell, S.D.  The SPOOFED group creates dramatizations that promote effective communication and relationships among youth.  The DWU students in COR 301 developed and wrote a script related to cyber-bullying and brought the SPOOFED group to campus for a public performance. 


Active and Collaborative Learning

Dr. Adele Jacobson, DWU Assessment Committee chair, shares how assessment results from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) have led to faculty development activities related to active and collaborative learning. 

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