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Five foundational pillars guide and serve as a foundation for the DWU General Education Program.  In addition, university student learning outcomes have been developed by faculty for each of the pillars.  The table below includes the five pillars along with the related learning outcomes.

DWU General Education Five Foundational Pillars
and Related Student Learning Outcomes

Critical and Collaborative Thinking Effective Expression Cultural & Global Awareness Civic Values & Engagement Personal Growth and Maturity
The student will:

1. Demonstrate individual and collaborative problem solving skills.

2. Access, critique the validity of, evaluate the relevance of, and synthesize information related to a given problem or issue.
The student will:

1. Create examples of effective communication using oral, written and visual forms.

2. Critique various forms of creative expression.
The student will:

1. Compare and contrast diverse perspectives, beliefs and cultures.

2. Recognize global issues, evaluate current responses, and propose and defend possible solutions.
The student will:

1. Evaluate various ethical standards and determine how they apply to issues of contemporary life.

2. Provide service to others in the local, national and/or global arena.
The student will:

1. Evaluate his or her emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.

2. Design, implement and evaluate a plan that enhances positive lifestyle behaviors.


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