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Dr. Vince RedderWelcome from the dean...
As Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, I wish to personally welcome you to the academic home of the eight departments that comprise our college.  I am glad that you have chosen to investigate our offerings and feel sure that you will find something that will be both useful and enjoyable.  You should know that our college teaches many of the qualities that your future employers seek: the important skills of critical thinking, communication, historical context and cultural sensitivity. Here, we apply student knowledge across a variety of contexts to create versatile learners for a world that is constantly changing. What unites our academic offerings is a commitment to understand the past, grapple with significant issues of the present, and envision a future in which our graduates utilize their knowledge and critical thinking skills in satisfying careers that permit them to express their creative as well as their practical abilities.

Many exciting things are happening in the College of Arts and Humanities: last spring, the theatre and music departments revived the musical at Dakota Wesleyan after decades of hiatus with a brilliant performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” (click here for pictures from the production); our 121-year old student paper, the Phreno Cosmian, continues to report on campus events and train future journalists (click here for the latest web edition); and our graphic design department is currently raising awareness for recycling in conjunction with our two junior COR courses (go here for other student work in graphic design).  These are only a few of the events you could be involved in here at our college.

I invite you to take a few minutes to peruse our academic offerings by clicking on any department’s Web page.  If you are intrigued by what you see, and I believe you will be, please feel free to contact the chair of any department.  I would also love to hear from you, so do not hesitate to contact me personally at viredder@dwu.edu or (605) 995-2631.  I hope to hear from you soon.        

Dr. Vince Redder, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities

Explore Majors...
DWU graduates are well-spoken, clear-thinking and thoroughly prepared — for graduate school or career, in traditional or new media. Explore the majors offered through DWU's College of Arts and Humanities.
American Studies
Cultural Studies*
Desktop Publishing*
Fine Arts
Graphic Design
Religion and Philosophy
*Available only as a minor


American Studies - Catalog Information
A highly versatile major, American Studies allows students to pursue their passion among a variety of disciplines while working toward one major. For example, a student may wish to examine American art, English, music, theatre, American Indian history, American legal system, American religions, or sport, health and fitness. This major allows students to pursue careers in anything from law and education to publishing and community organizing. You might take: American Cinema; American Foreign Policy; Environmental Science.

Communication - Catalog Information
George McGovern, DWU’s most famous son, was an award-winning member of the DWU debate team. Th e former U.S. senator and U.N. ambassador honed his skills of critical thinking, persuasion and diplomacy at DWU, just as today’s students are honing their skills for careers in public relations, nonprofit management, politics and public speaking. A common trait among successful people is their ability to communicate well, and as a graduate of DWU, you’ll be ready to join their ranks. You might take: Interpersonal Communication; Oral Interpretation.

Cultural Studies - Catalog Information
The cultural studies minor provides students with an opportunity to explore the diverse human experience. The interdisciplinary nature of the program enhances students’ intellectual vision while intensive study in an area of concentration develops a greater appreciation and understanding of our multicultural world. Study abroad and service learning projects may also be designed for elective credit. You might take: Economics of Development; Human Relations/ Multiculturalism; History of the British Empire.

Desktop Publishing - Catalog Information
As a desktop publishing minor, students will learn to be prepared to assist their colleagues in designing and producing a wide variety of printed material such as letterhead and identity products, brochures, catalogs and books.

English - Department Homepage
Ah, the written word. Students who choose to major in English learn to better express their thoughts, interpret texts and develop an appreciation for language and its infinite variety. You might select a creative writing emphasis, or perhaps journalism is your calling. Recent English graduates have pursued careers in advertising, marketing, law, publishing, teaching and business. You might take: Great Plains Literature; Women Writers; American Cinema.

Fine Arts - Catalog Information

Graphic Design - Department Homepage
Graphic design instruction pairs technological skills with creativity, both critical elements of this rapidly evolving industry. Exposure to design, photography, typography, technology, business and written communication as well as critical and analytical thinking complement many other fields of study. You might take: Mass Media Law; Typography; Web Page Design.

History - Department Homepage
DWU’s history program offers you a variety of introductory and upper-level history courses, and specializes in American, military, diplomatic, and environmental history. DWU history alumni, many of whom experienced internships at the national, state and local levels, are now lawyers, high school and college history teachers, museum curators, and federal government officials. As a history major at DWU, you’ll explore your passion for history, enhance your critical thinking skills, hone your written and oral communication skills, and develop your scholarly ideas and academic interests. You might take: History of South Dakota; American Colonial History; African American History.

Language - Department Homepage
This program allows students to acquire proficiency in languages other than English. The study of language is traditional in a liberal arts education, as it builds vocabulary, improves understanding of grammar, and exposes students to other ways of living and thinking. A minor in language is recommended for students intending to teach or go to graduate school. A student may concentrate in French, German, Spanish, Italian or language in general. Courses in other languages, such as Greek, Japanese, and Latin, may be offered on request, depending on students’ interest and instructors’ availability.

Multimedia - Department Homepage
You’ll learn to create graphics and videos for Web and print-based media. With state-of-the art skills, you’ll be able to work in broadcasting, video production and post production, publishing, education and business. If you can imagine it, you’ll be able to create it. You might take: Desktop Publishing; Advanced Digital Video Production.

Music - Department Homepage
Whether you want to perform, teach or simply enjoy music, DWU’s music program is designed to help you. You will be encouraged to participate in ensembles and you’ll present a full recital your senior year. Performance opportunities include the Highlanders, bell choir and band. You might take: World Music; Conducting.

Religion and Philosophy - Department Homepage
Study the historical, ethical, spiritual, cultural and logical bases of a society’s system of beliefs as a student in this program. You might pursue a pretheology program, add a major in church music or work to become a parish nurse. After thoughtful consideration of your options, you’ll find the path right for you as you journey through the religion and philosophy program. You might take: Death, Dying and Life After Death; Philosophy of Life.

Sociology - Catalog Information

Theatre - Department Homepage
Theatre is a means of creative expression that engages both audience and practitioner in a communal experience to entertain and enlighten. Our goal in theatre is to provide you with the opportunity to hone and display your talents as an actor, designer, director and technician. Student-directed productions are a key part of your experience in the DWU theatre department. You might take: Stagecraft; Stage Combat.

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