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What Not To Bring

Leave it at home
As with any new residence, there are certain things that ARE NOT permitted in the DWU Residence Halls. If they’re on this list, leave them at home.

  • Alcoholic beverages or containers (full or empty). If it’s so special that you need or want to keep it, leave it at home. It will be a violation and confiscated here.
  • Pets - You may keep non-dangerous/non-poisonous fish in a tank up to 10 gallons, provided that you assume FULL responsibility for their care and cleaning.
  • Candles - Decorative candles are only permitted IF THE WICK HAS BEEN REMOVED. If a candle has been burned even once, leave it at home.
  • Other fire hazards, including but not limited to: wood lofts, cooking appliances (electric skillets, woks, waffle-makers, “fifth” burners or open-coil heating appliances, and toaster ovens), Halogen lights, incense, electric blankets and space heaters.
  • Street/traffic/highway/construction signs and equipment - It is against State and Federal Law and DWU policy to possess these. They will be confiscated and returned to the Mitchell Police Department.
  • Waterbed
  • Weapons, including, but not limited to: knives, BB guns, pellet guns, pistols, rifles, etc. Your RD will work with you to make special arrangements during hunting season, however ammunition is NEVER permitted within the residence halls.
  • Expensive items and/or jewelry -You don’t need them and they may be a temptation to a potential thief.
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