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Residential Requirements

All students are required to live on campus unless they:

  • are 21 years of age or older as of the first day of the semester;
  • are married;
  • have dependent child(ren) living with them;
  • are living with parent(s) or legal guardian within 40 miles of Mitchell.

There are certain institutional scholarship requirements that override the above criteria. Please contact the residential life office to find out if your scholarship is one of them.

Students who don’t meet these criteria may appeal the residency requirement by completing and returning the Application for Waiver of Residency Policy.

Notice of failure to comply with policy
If a student’s living arrangements are in violation of the residency policy, the student may either move into the residence halls immediately or “buy” out the room portion of the housing contract at the full semester rate for a double room and a 15-meal plan.

Waiver of Residency Requirement
Dakota Wesleyan University strongly believes in the residential experience. Therefore, there are specific criteria which must be met in order for the Campus Life Committee to grant a waiver of the residency requirement. Students must possess a solid record of academic achievement, provide sufficient documentation to illustrate why proposed off campus residency would outweigh benefits of residence halls, and be in good standing with the university.

Procedure for applying for a residency waiver

  1. 1. Return the application (found on the forms page) and supporting documentation to the director of residential life by March 1 for students returning in the fall. This is the only time appeals will be considered for returning students. The deadline is June 15 for students entering in the fall, and December 1 for students entering in the spring.
  2. Your application will be forwarded to and reviewed by the Campus Life Committee. You will be notified by either regular or campus mail of their decision.
  3. If you wish to appeal the Campus Life Committee’s decision, you must submit additional information in a written appeal to the vice president for campus life. The decision of the vice president for campus life is final.
  4. Appeals granted are valid for current academic year only. A student must file a new appeal annually until he/she meets one or more of the criteria to legitimately live off campus.

Common myths
1. If my parents approve, there is no way that DWU can make me live on campus.

NO -- The on-campus requirement is part of the enrollment “contract” between you and DWU. No one can force you to live on campus, but recognize that you will either be billed for the room and board charge if you live off campus without permission or your enrollment can be invalidated. Your parent’s opinion is valuable, but they probably won’t have much success in negotiating a “B” in chemistry for you, either.

2. If I sign a lease on an apartment, DWU can’t make me move into the residence halls.

NO -- If you sign a lease on an apartment but do not qualify for a residency waiver, you will be required to move into the residence halls and forfeit your apartment lease. If you choose to live in the apartment, you will either be billed for the full room and board charge each semester that you are in violation or your enrollment may be invalidated.

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