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Achiever – Activator – Adaptability – Analytical – Arranger – Belief – Command
Communication – Competition – Connectedness – Consistency – Context – Deliberative
Developer – Discipline – Empathy – Focus – Futuristic – Harmony – Ideation – Inclusiveness
Individualization – Input – Intellection – Learner – Maximizer – Positivity – Relator
Responsibility – Restorative – Self-Assurance – Significance – Strategic – Woo

StrengthsQuest Quick Links

At Dakota Wesleyan University, we believe that our area of greatest potential lies in our areas of strength, and that we can achieve astonishing levels of success by building on these inherent talents. To identify each individual’s strengths, we use the common language of the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder is an online personality inventory that highlights your top five areas of greatest talent. By focusing on and intentionally developing these areas, each student can unlock the unique keys to their academic, personal and professional success. Learning the language of the StrengthsFinder can also help in forming and building teams, solving roommate conflicts, setting study schedules, selecting an internship, and understanding others. To get a quick look at each of the 34 themes, click here.

Go ahead, ask for everyone’s “Top 5”s! Professors, staff members, coaches, RAs, and your fellow students.

Click HEREEach incoming student will receive a StrengthsQuest book that includes an access code to complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder. The inventory will be completed for the LearnStrong course, and various strength-themed activities will be held throughout the year to celebrate the strengths on our campus. If you would like to learn more, individual consulting sessions can be scheduled with the Center for Talent Development for an even deeper understanding.

If you do not have a StrengthsQuest access code, please contact the Center for Talent Development to arrange for one. Currently enrolled students are provided one access code free of charge; additional codes are available for purchase through the Center for Talent Development. Soft-cover books, which include an access code, may also be purchased through the bookstore or the Center for Talent Development.

Once you have your StrengthsQuest access code, click here to begin the StrengthsQuest inventory. Instructions may be found here.

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