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Building Experience

The college experience is ripe grounds for building the experience and know-how that will prove so critical as a future employee. Beginning early certainly has its advantages, but each student should begin expanding his or her horizons at their own pace. As a parent, there are many things you can do to help your student seize the opportunities available for developing a solid record of accomplishments. Below are questions to ask, services and opportunities your student will have access to, and a list of on-campus resources. If you would like to familiarize yourself with additional services available, please visit our career development resources.

Questions to ask your student

bullet Have you selected a field of study? Are you happy with it?
bullet Which additional majors or minors have you explored?
Tip: Most majors require a minor or an additional major.
bullet What types of leadership opportunities are available in your current schedule?
Tip: “Leadership” comes in many forms. Encourage your student to look into: Team captain, study group leader, tutor or peer mentor, shift leader at work, Resident Assistant, president/vice president of his or her club, etc.
bullet What are you enjoying as an older student? (If your student is no longer a freshman)
bullet Are there groups on campus that interest you?
Tip: Encourage your student to join a club or activity in their interest area, even if it is not directly related to his or her major.
bullet Have you looked into part-time jobs, summer positions or internships in your field?
bullet What kinds of volunteer opportunities are available in your area of study?
bullet When you envision your dream job, what does it look like?
bullet Are you enjoying yourself?

Questions to ask yourself

bullet Do I encourage my student to explore new ideas, experiences and occupations?
bullet Is my student feeling pressured to choose a major or to choose a specific major? Where is that pressure coming from?
bullet Do I speak candidly and honestly about the benefits and drawbacks of my own professional experience?
bullet Am I willing to discuss my own career development history?
bullet Would I recommend my student to friends, acquaintances and colleagues in his or her chosen field?
Tip: If this answer is ‘no,’ why not? If you feel your student is lacking a specific quality or skill, what can be done to turn that answer to a ‘yes’?
bullet Will I be willing to allow my student to use my personal and professional contacts to find employment after graduation?


On-campus Resources
Part-time and full-time positions, career fairs, job search, professionalism and career development
            Malik Stewart, Talent Advisor

Internship opportunities
            Rhonda Pole, Director of Internships

Mock interviews, cover letters, résumés
            Diana Goldammer, Director of Student Life

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