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The Center for Talent Development is here to strengthen your experience at Dakota Wesleyan University, and offers various workshops, trainings and services to help. Whether you are looking for guidance on how to speak to professors or struggling in calculus, check out the events and services below to see how we can help.

These services are available free to all students, and aim to help students supplement their in-class instruction with out-of-class reinforcement and support. To this end, AAA provides free tutoring, workshops, coordinates study groups and provides study materials for students who show an active interest and need for them.

Students study at the McGovern Library on the Dakota Wesleyan Univeristy campus.

Free Peer Tutoring
The Center for Talent Development offers academic assistance, in the form of peer-to-peer tutoring and facilitated study groups, for select courses at no cost to students. Peer tutors are available at StudyStrong sessions on Sunday & Wednesday nights from 6:30-9:30pm in the Tuefels Area of McGovern Library.

*Note: University tutors will only be available during the scheduled times. Tutors cannot be guaranteed for all courses.

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Student-led Study Groups
Studying with others who reinforce and challenge your understanding of course material is an invaluable learning strategy. The Center for Talent Development can coordinate group study time and space to help these student-led efforts, as well as provide study materials (flashcards, for instance) to the participating students. If you are interested in joining or starting a formal study group, please speak with your instructor or contact the Center Talent Development.

*Instructors – if you would like to request a tutor or study group for your course, please contact the Center for Talent Development for information on how to do so.

The Center for Talent Development provides workshops designed to promote good academic habits and personal growth, and help students understand how college ‘works.’ If you have a suggestion or request for a workshop, please contact the Center for Talent Development.

We're Hiring!
If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact the Center for Talent Development. Tutoring is a great resume-building experience that will provide real-world work skills and flexible hours (and paid training), as well as reinforce your education as you help others learn.

Still have questions or concerns about academic support? Contact Malik Stewart, Talent Adviser

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