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Political Science
College of Leadership and Public Service

Political Science Home Page also see Leadership and Public Service

Political Science (POL)
Political science is the study of human behavior as it relates to government and politics.  Dakota Wesleyan University offers a minor in political science as well as a series of basic courses in political science that meet General Education requirements, provide electives in the social sciences, and support majors in leadership and public service.  Courses in political science frequently focus on leadership issues.  Students interested in a closely related major should examine the leadership and public service (PSL) major.  PSL courses may be applied toward the POL minor.

Political Science

POL 153

U.S. Government


POL 253

State and Local Government


POL 354

World Politics



Electives* (selected in consultation with the chairman of the leadership and public service or political science department)






POL 351

American Foreign Policy


POL 352

Political Thought


POL 353

Congress and the Presidency


POL 450



POL 460

Independent Study


SOC 312

Methods of Social Research



Possible electives may also include PSL courses.

Course Descriptions
153 U.S. Government 3 hours F
This course is an introductory survey of principles, organization, processes and functions of government and politics in the United States.
General Education: Civic Values and Engagement

253 State and Local Government 3 hours TBA
Students will analyze the legal status, powers, functions, intergovernmental relations and political problems of state and local government, and federalism. The course places special emphasis on the criminal justice system and state legislature.

275 Field Experience 1-3 hours TBA

299 Selected Topics – Basic 1-3 hours TBA

312 Methods of Social Research 3 hours F
(Refer to SOC 312)

351 American Foreign Policy 3 hours F10
This course examines the history of U.S. foreign affairs since World War I, and the institutions, political forces and emerging issues shaping current foreign policy. Particular topics will be emphasized, including the foreign policy record of recent presidents, Chinese-American relations and the international goals of the United States in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.
General Education: Critical and Collaborative Thinking – Historical Thinking and Analysis

352 Political Thought 3 hours TBA
This course is a survey of the leading western philosophers from Plato to present authorities concerning their political ideas and the impact of these ideas.

353 Congress and the Presidency 3 hours F10
Students will examine the foundations, forces, processes, relationships and issues shaping the legislative and executive branches of the national government. The course combines an overview of Congress and the presidency with a deeper analysis of the culture and operations of these institutions.

354 World Politics 3 hours TBA
Students will examine the political systems and foreign policies of various nations, as well as the political philosophies affecting their political systems.

450 Internships 1-16 hours F,S

460 Independent Study 3 hours F,S

499 Selected Topics – Advanced 3 hours TBA

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