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Board of Trustees

DWU Board of Trustees
Chair – Brad Pratt ’79, North Mankato, Minn.
Vice Chair – Gary Ebel ’83, Highlands Ranch, Colo.
Secretary – Nancy Theeler, Mitchell, S.D.

Deanell Backlund ’70, Mitchell, S.D.
Robert Benson ’67, Greenwood Village, Colo.
Jack Billion, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Paul Christen ’50, Huron, S.D. (Life Trustee)
John Clarke, Mitchell, S.D.
Kermit Culver ’77, Bismarck, N.D.
Rich Cutler, Sioux Falls, S.D. (Life Trustee)
Daniel Duffy ’83, Rapid City, S.D.
Bill Farris ’69, Ponte Vedra, Fla.
John Grinager ’75, Mendota Heights, Minn.
James Gritzner ’69, West Des Moines, Iowa
John Hartung, Indianola, Iowa

Rita Johnson ’70, Webster, S.D.
Bob Kjelden ‘71, Roseville, Minn.
Jeff Krall, Mitchell, S.D.
Ron Martin ’74, Tyler, Texas
Rick Melmer ’79, Vermillion, S.D.
Donald Messer ’63, Centennial, Colo.
Kent Millard ’63, Indianapolis, Ind.
Robert Nielsen, Sioux Falls, S.D. (Life Trustee)
Betty Oldenkamp ’82, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Doug Powers ’78, Mitchell, S.D.
Wayne Puetz, Mitchell, S.D.
Lisa Rentschler ’90, Savage, Minn.
Michael Rogers ’90, Sioux City, Iowa
Theodore Roman ’56, Rapid City, S.D.
Robert Ruedebusch ’78, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Jerry Thomsen, Mitchell, S.D.
Gopal Vyas, Mitchell, S.D.
Frances Wagner ’38, Sioux Falls, S.D. (Life Trustee)


Top of pageAdministrators
Duffett, Robert G.
President, 2000-
B.A., 1976, Bethel College; M.Div., 1980, Bethel Theological Seminary; M.Th. 1981, Princeton Theological Seminary; Ph.D., 1986, University of Iowa.

Novak, Amy C.
Provost and Executive Vice President, 2003-
B.A., 1993, University of Notre Dame; M.S., 1997, Wright State University.

Essig, Lori J.
Vice President for University Relations, 1999-
B.S., 1984, St. Cloud State University.

Kriese, Theresa I.
Vice President for Business and Institutional Advancement, 2008-
B.S. 1985, Northern State University; M.B.A. 2008, University of Sioux Falls.

Top of pageCollege Deans

Plastow, Edward G.  Dean of Graduate Studies and New Ventures; Professor of Business Administration, 2012-
B.A., 1973, Dakota Wesleyan University; C.P.A., 1975, Calif.; C.P.A., 1976, Colo.; C.P.A., 1988, S.D.; M.B.A., 1988, National University; Ph.D., 1998, Walden University.

Redder, Vince P. Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities; Professor of English and Languages, 2001-
B.A., 1979, University of Dallas; M.A., 1997, Midwestern State University; Ph.D., 2003, University of South Carolina.

Simmons, Donald C. Dean of the College of Leadership and Public Service; Director of and Professor of the McGovern Center, 2006-
B.A., 1985, University of Mississippi; M.A., 1987, University of Mississippi; Ph.D., 1992, University of Denver.

Von Eye, Rochelle K. Dean of the Donna Starr Christen College of Healthcare, Fitness and Sciences; Professor of Mathematics, 1985-1994, 1996-
B.A., 1970, and M.A., 1984, South Dakota State University; E.D.S., 1996, University of South Dakota; Ed.D., 2003, University of South Dakota.

Top of pageProfessors Emeriti

Buchholz, Zelma F.  Professor Emeritus of Nursing, 1977-
B.S.N., 1961, Hamline University; M.Ed., 1965, University of Minnesota; additional studies, Marquette University and South Dakota State University.

McGreevy, Michael J.  Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice, 1993-
B.S., 1962, South Dakota State University; B.J., 1965, University of Missouri; J.D., 1969, University of South Dakota; M.S., 1977, Central Missouri State University.

McLaird, James D.  Professor Emeritus of History/Political Science, 1967-
B.A., 1962, Dakota Wesleyan University; M.A., 1966, University of Wyoming; additional studies, Boston University, Utah State University and South Dakota State University; Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, 2005, Dakota Wesleyan University.

Nielson, George E.  Professor Emeritus of Sociology, 1971-
B.A., 1951, Augustana College; B.D., 1957, Gustavus Adolphus College; M.A., 1969, and  Ph.D, 1971, University of Kansas.

Tatina, Robert E.  Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1975-
B.S., 1965, Northern Illinois University; M.A., 1972; Ph.D., 1981, Southern Illinois University.

Catalano, Michael T.  Professor of Mathematics, 1992-
B.A., 1984, St. Olaf College; M.S., 1988, and Ph.D., 1992, University of Minnesota.

Farney, Michael N.  Professor of Mathematics, 1979-
B.A., 1966, University of California at Santa Cruz; M.A., 1970, California State College at San Jose; Ph.D., 1980, Nova University.

Flynn, Sean J.  Professor of History, 1999-
B.A., 1985, South Dakota State University; M.A., 1988, and Ph.D., 1999, Texas Tech University.

Jacobson, Adele B.  Professor of Nursing, 2005-
B.A., 1971, Augustana College; M.S., 1995, South Dakota State University; Ed.D., 2001, University of South Dakota.

Kelly, Anne M. Wessels  Professor of Psychology, 2000-
B.A., 1996, The Evergreen State College; M.A., 1999, and Ph.D., 2001, University of Nevada-Reno.

Mitchell, David B.  Professor of Business Administration and Economics, 1972-
B.M.E., 1959, and M.I.E., 1960, Cornell University; S.T.B., 1969, and Ph.D., 1978, Boston University.

Mullican, Tim R.  Professor of Biology, 1989-
B.S., 1982, Lewis and Clark College; M.S., 1985, and D.A., 1987, Idaho State University.

Wagner, Daniel M.  Athletic Training Education Program Director/Assistant Athletic Trainer/ Professor, 2001-
B.S., 1992, South Dakota State University; M.S., 1994, Indiana State University; Ed.D., 2003, University of South Dakota.

Associate Professors

Boline, Pamela Nielson  Associate Professor of Human Services, 1980-
B.S., 1977, and M.A., 1979, University of South Dakota.

Bohrer, Monty F.  Associate Professor and Director of Business Graduate Program
B.A., 1988, Concordia College; M.B.A, 1999, University of Sioux Falls; D.B.A., 2007, Anderson University.

Bork, Lori J.  Associate Professor of Nursing, 2001-
A.A., 1985, Dakota Wesleyan University; B.S., 1999, and M.S., 2003, South Dakota State University.

Christensen, Janice E.  Associate Professor of Nursing, 2007-
B.S., 2002, Si Tanka University; M.S.N., 2006, University of Phoenix.

Hoffman, Elizabeth A.  Associate Professor of Nursing, 1990-
B.S.N., 1968, University of Nebraska; M.S., 1996, South Dakota State University.

Husmann, John P.  Associate Professor of History, 2004-
B.A., 1996, Winona State University; M.A., 1998, and Ph.D., 2004, University of Nebraska.

Kenkel, Kevin J.  Associate Professor/Director of Learning Resources, 1996-
B.A., 1986, St. John’s University; B.S., 1989, St. Cloud State University; M.A., 1993, University of Iowa.

Langland, Laurie L.  Associate Professor/University Archivist, 2000-
B.S., 1985, University of South Dakota; J.D., 1988, University of Wisconsin-Madison; M.A., 1997, University of Arizona.

Loken, Lana M.  Clinical Education Coordinator and Associate Professor of Athletic Training, 2001-
B.S., 1997, South Dakota State University; M.S., 1999, St. Cloud State University; Ed.D., 2005, University of South Dakota.

Luckett, Jerry L.  Associate Professor of Business Administration and Economics, 1990-
B.A., 1989, Dakota Wesleyan University; M.A., 1992, Northern State University.

Sandhoff, Diane M. Associate Professor of Nursing, 1989-
Diploma, 1973, St. John’s School of Nursing; B.S., 1989, and M.S., 1993, South Dakota State University.

Sprung, Randall L.  Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences, 1980-1983, 1984-
B.A., 1978, Dakota Wesleyan University; M.S.W., 1979, University of Nebraska.

Welch, Vicki A.  Associate Professor of Communication/Theatre, 1991-
B.S., 1974, and M.S., 1976, South Dakota State University.

Assistant Professors

Allen, Joel S.  Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy, 2011-
B.A., 1990, Crown College; M.Div., 1995, Asbury Theological Seminary; M.Phil., 2003, and Ph.D., 2006, Hebrew Union College.

Christensen, Randi L.  Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, 2007-
B.S., 2002, South Dakota State University; M.A., 2007, Dakota Wesleyan University.

Desmond, Clinton J.  Assistant Professor of Music, 2010-
B.A., 1998, Valparaiso University; M.A., 2006, Illinois State University; Ph.D., 2009, Michigan State University.

Driedger, Derek J.  Assistant Professor of English, 2007-
B.A., 1999, and M.A., 2001, University of North Dakota; Ph.D., 2007, University of Nebraska.

Duffey, Barbara N.  Assistant Professor of English, 2012-
B.A., 2002, University of Southern California; M.F.A., 2005, University of Houston.

Erpenbach, Aletha K.  Assistant Professor of Nursing, 2010-
B.S., 2003, South Dakota State University.

Gahm, Tami J.  Instructor of Nursing, 2009-
A.A. 1986, Huron Regional Medical Center School of Nursing; B.A. 1992, South Dakota State University; M.A. 2004, University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing.

Greene, Darryl L.  Assistant Professor of Sports Management, 2010-
B.S., 1997, Wayne State University; M.B.A., 2004, Heidelberg College.

Guthmiller, Jarod J.  Head Athletic Trainer/Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, 2005-
B.A., 2000, Dakota Wesleyan University; M.S., 2002, Middle Tennessee State University.

Haidle, Ruth E.  Director of Graduate Studies, 2007-
B.A., 1973, Asbury College; M.A., 1974, Eastern Kentucky University; Ed.D., 1995, University of South Dakota.

Halling, Mark A.  Assistant Professor of Education, 2009-
B.S., 1986, Northern State University; M.S.,1988, and M.S.,1993, Northern State University;  Ph.D. 2003, University of South Dakota.

Henkel, Kelly A.  Cataloging and Serials Librarian, 2012-
B.A., 2008, South Dakota State University; M.L.S., 2012, University of North Texas.

Herges, Kyle T.  Assistant Professor of Digital Communication, 2012-
B.S., 2004, Dakota State University; M.F.A., 2010, Academy of Art University.

Hunt, Roxane F.  Assistant Professor of Nursing, 2012-
B.S., 2009, South Dakota State University.

Jarding, Carena M. Assistant Professor of Nursing, 2008-
A.A., 2000, Dakota Wesleyan University; B.S., 2008, South Dakota State University; M.S., 2011, Grand Canyon University.

Johnson, Donna M.  Assistant Professor of Special and Elementary Education, 2010-
B.A., 1975, Southwest Minnesota State University; M.S.,1984, Minnesota State University Mankato; Ed.D., 2008, University of South Dakota.

Lubben, Joan P.  Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 2009-
B.A.,1983, Rice University; M.S., 2004, and Ph.D., 2009, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Mazzer, Paula A.  Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, 2011-
B.A., 1991, University of Delaware; Ph.D., 2002, Kent State University.
Melroe Lehrman, Bethany M.  Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2011-
B.S., 2005, M.S., 2008, and Ph.D., 2012, South Dakota State University.

Miller, Daniel L.,   Assistant Professor of Theatre, 2007-
B.F.A., 2000, and M.F.A., 2004, University of South Dakota.

Patrick, L. Brian  Assistant Professor of Biology, 2009-
B.A., 1998, and M.A., 2001, University of Kansas; Ph.D., 2009, Kent State University.

Pruitt, Renè M.  Assistant Professor of Education, 2007-
B.A., 1999, Dakota Wesleyan University; M.S., 2000, Nova Southeast University; Ph.D., 2006, Capella University.

Ramsdell, Cherie L.  Assistant Professor of Art, 2004-
B.A., 1984, South Dakota State University; M.A., 1996, Northern State University.

Rich, Gretchen G.  Assistant Professor of English, 2005-
B.A., 1977, Yankton College; M.A., 1981, and ABD, University of South Dakota.

Schelske, Becka M.  Assistant Professor of Nursing, 2012-
A.A., 2008, Dakota Wesleyan University; B.A., 2010, Dakota Wesleyan University; B.S., 2000, Northern State University.

Sonne, Nancy L.  Assistant Professor of Nursing, 2002-
B.A., 1968, South Dakota State University; A.A., 1983, Dakota Wesleyan University; B.S., 1987, and M.S., 1994, South Dakota State University.

Weins, W. Jesse  Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, 2008-
B.A., 2003, Dakota Wesleyan University; J.D., 2007, University of Nebraska College of Law.

Zajic, Justin E.  Assistant Professor of Education, 2012-
B.A., 2007, Southwest Minnesota State University; M.A., 2011, University of South Dakota.


Desmond, Erin E.  Instructor of Voice and Piano, 2012-
B.M.E., 2003, Valparaiso University; M.M., 2009, Illinois State University.

Mohr, Kimberly J.  Instructor of Nursing, 2006-
B.S.N., 1994, University of Nebraska; M.S., 2011, Grand Canyon University.

Mauszycki, Christine R.  Instructor of Accounting and Business Administration, 2010-
B.A., 2003, Dakota Wesleyan University; C.P.A., 2012, S.D.

Steichen, Mark E. Instructor of Biology, 2010
B.S., 1971, and  M.S., 1973, South Dakota State University.


Alexander, Mary L. Financial Aid Counselor, 2011-
Allen, Kitty S.  Development Officer, 2011-
Anderson, Adam R.  Head Men's/Women's Golf Coach, 2005-
Belling, Patrick J.  Head Track and Field, Head Cross Country Coach, 2006-
Berg, Mateya R.  Admissions Counselor, 2010-
Blumer, Boyd A.  Carpenter and Maintenance Technician/Adjunct Instructor, Religion, 2001-
Bonte, Dan D.   Admissions Counselor, 2012-
Brown, Roderick R.  Media Services Technician/Coordinator of Online Learning, 1996-
Cap, Deborah R.  Administrative Assistant to Development, 1992-
Christensen, Jason C.  Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 2010-
Cimpl, Ross C.  Head Football Coach, 2010-
Day, Elizabeth J.  Accounts Payable Accountant, 1983-
Duffett, Connie G.  Director of Development Operations, 2008-
Dunn, Donna E. TRiO Student Support Services Adviser, 2011-
Ehlebracht, Kris M.  Administrative Assistant for Financial Aid and Student Life, 2011-
Faber, Rhonda J.  Payroll Specialist, 2011-
Fahey, Kerri E.  Coordinator of Central Services, 2011-
Fossum, Derrik C.  Resident Director of Dayton Hall, 2011-
George, Emily   Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant/Associate Registrar, 2006-
Gerlach, Donna K.  Campus Nurse, 1999-
Goldammer, Diana K.  Director of Student Life, 2006-
Gukeisen, Vickie L.  Information Secretary, Development Office, 2002-
Gust, Steve J.  Head Baseball Coach, 2008-
Haidle, Ruth E.  Director of Master of Arts in Education Program, 2007-
Hansen, Jory D.  Admissions Counselor, 2007-
Hart, Curt L. Athletic Director, 2008-
Hellman, Michelle A. Education Support Specialist, 2010-
Henkel, Kelly A. Cataloging and Serials Librarian, 2012-
Herr-Valburg, Melissa M.  Director of Admissions, 1994-
Hitchcock, Susie M.  Administrative Assistant for Huron Nursing Department, 2007-
Hofer, Linda J.  Day Care Director/Teacher, 1989-
Hofer, Nathan J.  Resident Director- Allen Hall, Student Activities Adviser, 2011-
Hoffman, Brian J.  Custodian, 2010-
Hohn, Elwin W.  Custodian, 2003-
Jacobson, Adele B.  Professor of Nursing/Administrative Chairman/ RN-BSN Director, 2005-
Jenks, Allen W.  Maintenance Technician, 2002-
Johnson, Rick W.  Supervisor of Custodial Services, 2007-
Kaemingk, Wyonne J.  Nursing A.S. Program Director, 1984-
Kieff, Ed R.  Head Softball Coach, 2011-
Kiner, Cindy L.  Help Desk Assistant, 2007-
Knoell, Karen A.  Registrar, 2006-
Krome, Jeanne A.  Administrative Assistant, Nursing Department, 2006-
Larson, Chad E.  Graphic Designer, 1997-
Lazenby, Carol B.  Accountant, 2009-
Lehi, Judy M.  Circulation/Acquisitions Supervisor, 1989-
Ludens, Tina N.  TRiO Student Success Adviser/Mentor Coordinator, 2005-
Lundeen, Terry C.  Director of Residence Life, 2009-
Mayer, Linus J.  Maintenance Technician, 2007-
Mellegaard, Corey L.  Director of Human Resources, 2006-
Miller, Katherine J.  Director of TRiO Student Support Services, 2008-
Moore, Matthew E.  Director of Information Technology, 2002-
Murphy, Shane K.  Head Men’s Basketball Coach, 2010-
O'Kief, Kristy J.  Director of Financial Aid, 2005-
Olson, Mari E.  Public Relations Specialist, 2009-
Patrick, Traci A.  Assistant Director of Annual Giving, 2009-
Pirner, Grayson A. Admissions Counselor, 2011-
Prado, Ezequiel M.  Assistant Football and Track Coach, 2010-
Rado, Leah C. Sports Information Director, 2010-
Rigdon, Brittany L. Admissions Counselor, 2011-
Roden, Lucien D.  Head Women's Soccer Coach, 2007-
Rosendahl, Willem C.  Systems Administrator/Programmer, 2008 -
Roth, Kathleen M.  Infant/Toddler Day Care Teacher, 2006-
Rumbolz, Beverly M.  Custodian, 2007-
Schoenfelder, Louis V.  Director of Physical Plant, 1990-
Sedivy, Matthew D.  Head Wrestling Coach, 2009-
Solberg, Lori L.  Director of University Services, 1994-
Stahl, Mary E.  Enrollment Services Assistant, 2002-
Stewart, Malik C.  Talent Adviser, 2012-
Strand, Jody A.  Registrar Administrative Assistant/Assistant Science Fair Director, 1980-
Wickware-Thompson, Sara E.  Campus Counselor, 2006-
Thompson, Gloria F.  Associate Registrar, 1990-
Tosaya, Jeremy K.  Head Men's Soccer Coach, 2008-
VanPelt, Angela J.  Administrative Assistant, Student Support Services, 2006-
Vetter, Brandon J.  Campus Pastor, 2006-
Viney, Eric G.  Head Volleyball Coach, 2008-
Warnke, Marlene L.  Athletic Department Business Manager, 1990-
Weiland, Joseph W.  Custodian, 2007-
Weiss, Carol A.  Accounts Receivable Accountant, 1987-
Weller, Keith S.  Systems Administrator, 2011-
Wentworth, Jacqueline R.  Director of Alumni Relations, 2005-
Wenzel, Judith B.  Administrative Coordinator to the President, 2001-
Wiese, Cara L.  Enrollment Services Administrative Assistant, 2003-

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