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Colleges of Distinction

Successful Outcomes

Every student at Dakota Wesleyan University creates a professional electronic portfolio – coursework, campus leadership and service activities become part of a permanent record that helps a student stand out with prospective employers and graduate schools.  Perhaps more importantly, the portfolio allows a student to reflect on his or her four-year experience of personal growth.

One of the tools DWU uses with each student is the Gallup StrengthsFinder.  Students take the StrengthsFinder as freshmen, but it is the knowledge of their strengths combined with the four-year experience that helps students know themselves and their abilities.  The StrengthsFinder does not tell students what career they should pursue, and it does not tell them how to fix their weaknesses. Rather, it offers insight about where each person’s gifts lie.  Do you thrive in a high-energy setting with multiple tasks, or do you prefer quiet, focused work? Does analyzing historic trends fascinate you, or are you energized by thinking about the future? Do you like to start new projects every day, or would you prefer to take an existing project and hone it until it is perfect?  Having this kind of self-awareness will lead to a fulfilling life and career.

DWU has impressive numbers, too.

  • 90 percent of recent applicants were accepted into medical, athletic training, optometry, physician’s assistant and psychology graduate schools across the country.
  • The DWU nursing program NCLEX-RN pass rates have met or exceeded the national pass rate six out of 10 years.
  • Students graduating with degrees in nursing, elementary education, math education and athletic training have 100 percent job placement rates.
  • 70 percent of athletic training majors choose to go on to grad school.
  • 95 percent of DWU graduates who apply to graduate school are accepted.
  • Law school applicants have been accepted into top law schools across the country.
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