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The Dakota Wesleyan University English Department offers programs and courses in language, literature, and writing, all of which are subjects considered indispensable to a liberal education. Programs include majors and minors in secondary education, creative writing, journalism, and English. English majors learn skills of interpretation, explanation, research, and communication; these skills apply to several professional careers.

Graduates in secondary education and journalism are ready to embark upon careers; majors and minors in creative writing and English often go on to graduate school, though many find employment in a wide range of fields. Recent English graduates have pursued careers in advertising, marketing, law, publishing, teaching, and business.

The department also teaches various courses in general education, helping students meet requirements in literature and written communication. Students who choose to major or minor in English acquire greater proficiency, but all students who take English courses work on the expression of thoughts and the interpretation of texts while developing an appreciation of language and its infinite variety.

English majors are advised to take some foreign language courses. A student may concentrate in German or Spanish. Courses in other languages such as Greek, Italian or Latin may be offered on request. A minor in language is recommended for students who intend to teach or go to graduate school. Knowledge of foreign language often proves useful in business, education, and other fields.

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