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Family Handbook HOME
Inroduction to DWU
Getting to Know Us
Getting Started
Frequently Asked Questions
Quick Reference Guide

Family Handbook

The Dakota Wesleyan University Family Handbook is your family’s guide to understanding DWU campus resources, policies, and procedures. We hope you will find this family handbook to be a valuable resource throughout your journey with the university.

Introduction to DWU
Welcome from Diana Goldammer, Director of Student Life
DWU Vision and Values
DWU History

Getting to Know Us
Things to Consider Before Coming to Campus
Things to Consider Along the Way
Tips on Being a DWU Parent
Stress – Helping Your Student Cope

Getting Started
Student Success Center
Business Office
Career Services
Campus Counselor
Financial Aid Office
Dining Services
Health Insurance
Health Services and Clinic
International Student Services
Learning and Writing Center
Multicultural Committee
Public Safety
Residence Life
Student Activities
Family Services Program
Student Disability Services – Student Success Center
Student Employment
University ID Card
Campus Ministry

Frequently Asked Questions
Academic Calendar
Course Load
Study Time
Good Academic Standing
Grade Point Average
Parents’ Access to Student Grades - FERPA
Dean’s List
Academic Honors
Roommate Issues
Educational Support Services
Student Involvement
Residence Hall Safety
Alcohol Policy
Holiday Breaks – Residence Halls

Quick Reference Guide
Parental Notification Policy
How Can We Help You? Phone list
Academic Calendar

For more information and links to student resources, visit www.dwu.edu/campuslife.

We wish you and your family a successful year and thank you for your support and involvement in the DWU family!

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