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Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students

Alternative Loans

  • Students should exhaust their eligibility in the federal loan programs before borrowing through a private student loan program. Visit Federal Aid First for more information.
  • You, the student, are the borrower.
  • You will need a credit-worthy cosigner if you have NOT established a positive credit history; this includes students with NO credit.
  • DWU works with you to determine the amount that you are eligible to borrow.
  • A credit evaluation is required.
  • You are responsible for the interest during the life of the loan (the federal government does not pay any interest).
  • DWU recommends you pay the interest while you are in school. Why? It will decrease the overall cost of the loan since you will not have interest accruing on top of interest. Note: some lenders require that you pay the interest while you are in school.
  • Repayment on the principle begins six months after you are no longer enrolled or drop below half time status.
  • This is NOT a federal loan and cannot be combined with federal loan consolidation.
  • Pay your loan off early (check with your lender to make sure there are no prepayment penalties).

Loan limits

The maximum amount a student can borrow, determined by DWU Financial Aid Office, cannot exceed the student's cost of attendance minus other financial aid received. DWU Financial Aid Office recommends students to borrow for the full award year. If you wish to borrow for the Fall term or Spring term only, please notify the DWU Financial Aid Office with this request and it will be noted in your financial aid file.

Note: only borrow what you need. Do not borrow to pay for non-educational items such as (iPod, play stations, cell phone, etc.) If you want to purchase items such as these, earn funds by working.

Interest Rate and Fees

  • Interest rate: variable or fixed and varies with the lender.
  • Fees: guarantee or origination fees vary with the lender.

Top of PageApplying for an alternative loan

Before applying for an alternative loan DWU encourage students, if they have not already done so, to apply first for federal financial aid.

  • Step 1 – Select a lender. Selecting a lender for an alternative student loan is an important decision, one that will affect you for the life of your loan. Before choosing a loan students (and families) are encouraged to research the lender benefits, customer service and other information related to loan processing, services and cost.
  • Step 2 – Apply for the alternative loan(s) online. DWU has provided a list of alternative loan lenders in no particular order at the bottom of this page along with the lenders’ websites. The alternative loan lenders listed below is based on historical data from the past 5 year of lenders DWU students have borrowed from. You have the right to select any lender participating in the alternative loan program and you are not required to choose from the lenders listed below. DWU does not promote, recommend or endorse any lenders noted below.
  • Step 3 – Make sure your loan is complete in its entirety. Many lenders may request additional information from you and/or co-signer after the loan has been pre-approved.

Alternative Loan Lenders

Lender: Bank of North Dakota
DEAL Education Alternative Loan
Lender: Citibank
CitiAssist Loan
Lender: Discover
Discover Student Loan
Lender: Wells Fargo
Collegiate Loan
MedCap Loan
Lender: Minnesota Higher Education Services (for Minnesota residence only)
SELF loan
Lender: Sallie Mae
Smart Option Student Loan
Lender: iHELP Student Loan

iHELP Student Loan

Lender: cuStudentLoans

cuScholar Private Student Loan

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