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Campus Amenities and Privileges
Student Life
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Campus Amenities and Privileges

The university selects as students those applicants who seem to be the best qualified to profit from the educational opportunities offered by its programs. In making its selection, the university considers academic ability and other factors such as character, promise of leadership, health and interests in harmony with the particular aims of the university. Such information is obtained from data submitted by the applicant, certified records from school authorities, letters from references named by the applicant, personal interviews with staff members and a health record from the applicant's physician. No applicant will be barred from admission because of race, color, sex, creed, religion or physical handicap. Applications for readmission after academic or disciplinary suspension may be submitted after one semester (four months) has elapsed and will be considered on a professional basis with the welfare of the applicant and the university in mind.

The campus life department of Dakota Wesleyan University is responsible for preserving the freedom of students. Dakota Wesleyan University strives to ensure all students receive equal educational opportunities. Students should contact the director campus life or director of student support if they require accommodations for equal opportunities, including freedom of access.

Food service at Dakota Wesleyan University is under the direction of ARAMARK Campus Services. All students living on campus are provided with three meal opportunities each day, except Sunday when no breakfast is served. Seconds are available at all meals, except on premium night. Students must have their ID card with them to purchase their meal. The daily routine is varied with buffets, special meals and picnics. Students not on the meal plan who wish to eat in the dining hall may pay cash for their meals or may purchase a declining cash balance meal card through the food service director. Faculty, students and staff are encouraged to participate in regular food service committee meetings. For additional information contact the food service director.

Meals are served from the first day of orientation to the evening meal on the last day of final exams, except during holidays and breaks. Special notices will announce the closing and opening times around these vacation periods. Students who have employment on or off campus should work their jobs around the meal hours.

Cable TV is provided in the lounge areas of the buildings at the university and in each room of the residence halls. Movie channels are not available to lounges as the lounges are legally defined public viewing areas. Tampering with cable lines is against university, city and state ordinances. Violation will result in disciplinary action.

Students may cash checks at the business office from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. A maximum of $20 per day will be allowed depending on availability of funds. Students are encouraged to explore local banking services.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use the Christen Family Wellness/Recreation Center during posted hours. Understand that intercollegiate athletic teams supervised by the coaching staff have priority usage of the facility. Every effort will be made to notify the DWU community regarding availability changes. Individuals/groups using the facilities during unauthorized hours will be asked to leave, be reported to local authorities and may face disciplinary action on and off campus.

Dakota Wesleyan University welcomes faculty, staff, students and visitors of all faiths and promotes a policy of nondiscrimination in all areas with respect to age, race, sex, creed, color, national and ethnic origins, religious preferences, disabilities, backgrounds, and lifestyle choices.

DWU is committed to strengthening the relationships and level of understanding among people by supporting them in learning about the diversity that exists and enriches our community. We encourage each person to see this as a lifelong learning process and journey in which he/she continues to develop the skill and attitudes necessary to be a positive and productive member of society.

During finalization, students receive permanent ID cards that are designed to last for as long as they are enrolled at Dakota Wesleyan University. These cards serve as a source of identification, a library card, a meal card for those students eating on campus, a pass into athletic/drama/music/student association events and a pass into the wellness center. The replacement fee for a lost ID card is $5 for nonresidential students and $10 for residential students. Residential ID cards serve the dual purpose of allowing residents access to their living areas and preventing unauthorized access, which justifies the increased replacement cost. The ID card is property of DWU and MUST BE surrendered upon withdrawal or separation from the university.

Mailboxes are assigned when students register for classes. A student will maintain the same mailbox throughout their enrollment at Dakota Wesleyan University. Mailboxes should be checked regularly. All mailboxes are located in the campus center. This example should be followed when addressing mail to DWU students:

John Doe--Campus Box # 000
Dakota Wesleyan University
1200 W. University Ave.
Mitchell, SD 57301


A. Exercise of Rights of Citizenship
As citizens, individual students have the right of freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and the right of petition. Students' rights are guaranteed with the understanding that they represent themselves, not the university, in public expression. Lawful conduct that does not interfere with the institution's operations is necessary.
B. Institutional and Civil Penalties
Students, on occasion, violate civil law. Students who violate the law may incur penalties prescribed by civil authorities. Only when the institution's interest as an academic community is involved, or in order to comply with federal, state or local laws, may the university assess further sanctions with due process.

Motor vehicles operated or parked by employees and students may be parked anywhere on campus. Any designated parking space (Resident Director, Resident Assistant, Handicap, etc.) is off limits. Students may not park in the LB Williams parking lot (the south lot on campus). Streets adjacent to campus areas will be clearly marked to designate no parking areas. These areas will be clearly marked with yellow paint. All other areas are considered open parking if not otherwise prohibited. Students, faculty, and staff are asked not to park in the designated visitor’s parking space and the Rollins lot during regular business hours.

While we sympathize with any loss that may occur, DWU is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of residents, faculty, staff or guests from any cause. Therefore, all individuals are encouraged to insure their own personal belongings, take valuables home with them over vacation periods and lock their room/office doors at all times. Students are encouraged to check with parents' homeowners policy or arrange to purchase renters’ insurance in order to protect their personal property. Residents are advised to report any losses to their resident assistant or resident director. Faculty, staff and nonresidential students are encouraged to contact the Campus Life office. Individuals are encouraged to keep a record, including make, model, and serial numbers of their personal property. Pictures of your property can also be extremely helpful in the unfortunate event that the property is stolen or damaged and you need to file a police report or a claim with your insurance company.

We know that students may be leaving pets behind when they come to campus. Please remind family and friends not to bring pets with them when they come to visit you. Pets have the potential to challenge the safety and physical condition of the campus and facilities as well as the potential for causing allergic reactions and increased noise. We understand your desire for them to “visit” you, but for safety and sanitation purposes fish are the only pets allowed in campus buildings, including the residence halls. The following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Aquarium can be no larger than 10-gallon capacity.
  • Proper upkeep of aquariums and fish must be maintained at all times.
  • Marbles must be used instead of colored rocks or sand to cover the bottom of the aquarium.
  • Piranha and game fish are not permitted.
  • Residents must make appropriate care/feeding arrangements for their fish during break periods.
  • If the above guidelines are not followed, the resident director or residence life staff can authorize the removal of aquariums and unauthorized pets.

Your pet (and the DWU community) will be happier and healthier if it is allowed to stay home. But if it does come to visit, the following guidelines are expected:

  • Visiting animals must be kept outside and leashed.
  • Any domestic animal on University grounds must be in the control of its owner.
  • Under no circumstances should animals be allowed to run loose or be tied to buildings, trees, bicycles racks, or other objects.
  • Animals should not be left in vehicles for extended amounts of time.
  • Individuals will be asked to remove all unauthorized pets and are responsible for all damage and costs incurred as a result of their visit.

The DWU campus and grounds, including residence halls and parking lots, are considered private property. DWU reserves the right to prohibit unauthorized individuals on the grounds if deemed to be in the best interest of the university, students, faculty and staff.

These items may not be used within any campus building. Students are encouraged to put skates/blades on in the lobby of each building and NOT to wear them while walking up or down stairs. Students are not permitted to use these items on any university ramps or railings. While bicycles are an excellent form of transportation, they are not to be used inside any campus building. Riders are asked to secure their bicycle to the racks located adjacent to campus buildings. If you must bring your bicycle into the building, you are expected to carry it in such a manner as to not inhibit others and to store it in your room, apartment or office. Bicycles are not permitted to be left or stored in hallways, stairwells, or other public areas of any building for any reason.

We value the safety of all members of the DWU community and thus only authorized individuals are permitted on rooftops. Any unauthorized person found to be on a roof is subject to disciplinary action. Additionally, any person using the roof to enter or leave a building will also be subject to disciplinary action.

No commercial or nonprofit solicitation, (including but not limited to door-to-door sales/endorsements of products or services) or advertising originating off campus is permitted in residence halls, Rollins Campus Center or other campus locations. In some cases, advertising may be permitted with prior approval obtained from the director of student life. Unapproved advertising will be removed, and solicitors will be asked to leave campus. The marketing of alcoholic beverages and or events that promote the use of alcohol on the campus of DWU is strictly prohibited. The director of student life must approve all campus surveys.

Dakota Wesleyan University
1200 W. University Ave
Mitchell, SD 57301
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