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Sean Flynn

Sean J. Flynn

Education: B.A. South Dakota State University, 1985; M.A. Texas Tech University, 1988; Ph.D. Texas Tech University, 1999

Teaching Fields: World, Military, American Sports, America since 1945, and American Government

Research Interests: Military history

Dr. Flynn has authored three books on military history. “Chief—Marine Corps Warrior” examines the military career of Flynn’s father, a decorated veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. “An Engineer’s War” chronicles the life of a South Dakota soldier who served and died in France during World War I. “Mission to Germany” recounts the combat experiences of a B-17 flight engineer during World War II. Dr. Flynn serves as faculty adviser to the DWU Student Senate.

John Husmann

John Husmann
Associate Professor

Education: B.A. Winona State University, 1996; M.A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1998; Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2004

Teaching Fields: United States history, South Dakota history, Native American history, American environmental history, British Empire history, and Asian and Latin American history

Research Interests: Environmental, South Dakota and the Great Plains

Dr. Husmann serves as the chair of the department of history at Dakota Wesleyan University. Although he primarily teaches in various areas of United States history, he teaches a wide range of history courses. He enjoys researching topics in environmental history and South Dakota history. He is also interested in the history of the Great Plains, particularly the Great Plains in comparative perspective with other regions of the world. His dissertation was a comparative history of tree-planting traditions in Nebraska and South Australia. He has more recently contributed a chapter to the Plains Political Tradition: Essays on South Dakota Political Culture examining grass roots environmentalism in South Dakota history. He continues to conduct research in environmental history and comparative history.

James D. McLaird

James D. McLaird
Professor Emeritus of History/Political Science

Education: B.A. Dakota Wesleyan University, 1962; M.A. University of Wyoming, 1966; additional studies, Boston University, Utah State University, and South Dakota State University

Teaching Fields: United States, American West, South Dakota, and England

Research Interests: American West

Professor McLaird has published many important articles on South Dakota and the West and is respected as a national authority on the American West. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend.

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