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Identity Standards

Official colors
Dakota Wesleyan University's official colors are blue and white. The consistent use of the standard blue reinforces the impact of graphic images that represent DWU. The official blue is known by printers as PMS, or Pantone, 293.

The typeface of the Dakota Wesleyan University wordmark is Times New Roman. Camera-ready copies of the DWU wordmark are available from university relations.

Logo and Mascot
The official logo of Dakota Wesleyan University is the wavy “W.” For athletics, the swoosh with “DWU” and the name of the sport is acceptable. The tiger in profile is the official tiger. Photo images of the mascot are also available. Camera-ready copies of the logos are available from Chad Larson (chlarson@dwu.edu or 995-2620) in the university relations office.

University Seal
The university seal is primarily used for formal university applications such as diplomas and presidential correspondence.

All off-campus advertising is to be designed and scheduled by the university relations staff. All information should be given to the UR staff one month before an event takes place. UR will write and design copy for print and broadcast ads, and in some cases will be able to save money on ad placement because of contracts with the media.

T-shirt designs
T-shirt designs for student organizations must be reviewed by a staff/faculty adviser. T-Shirts specifically for sale to off-campus markets must be designed by the UR staff or approved by the university relations director.

Tiger Trib
The Tiger Trib is an on-campus publication produced by the university relations office. The purpose of Tiger Trib is to publicize activities to the campus community. It is available free of charge for all campus departments and organizations. Information can be sent to the UR office, box 905, or electronically to maolson1@dwu.edu, by Friday noon for Monday publication and by Wednesday noon for Thursday publication. The Tiger Trib is distributed by e-mail to all students, faculty and staff and is published on the DWU Web site.

Event signs
Signs are to be hung on bulletin boards and in other approved locations. Signs and posters are not to be taped to painted walls or glass doors or windows.

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