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Finding Aid: World War I

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The following selective list of print and online resources has been compiled by McGovern Library staff as a starting point for research on the World War I. It is not a complete listing of related materials held by McGovern Library or available online, but is intended to serve as a guide to some of the Library's resources, and as a pointer to a variety of electronic resources.

Encyclopedias And Reference Sources

Print sources available in McGovern Library:

  • Almanac of World War I (REF. D522.5 .B87 1998)
  • Annals of America (REF E173 .A793 Vol. 14)
  • Documents of American History (REF E173 .C66 1948)
  • Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations (REF E183 .R96 1994)
  • Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment (REF UB800 .E53 2000)
  • The European Powers in the First World War (REF D510. E97 1999)
  • The United States in the First World War (REF D510 .U65 1995)
  • World War I Aviation : a bibliography... (REF D600 .N64 1997)

Online Resources

Print Indexes

Print indexes available in McGovern Library*:

  • Essay and General Literature Index
    • Use for political position speeches, background, etc.
    • v. 1 (1900-) - v. 9 (-1979) see "European War, 1914-1918" or "Reconstruction, 1914-"
    • v. 10 (1980-)- see "World War, 1914-1918
  • Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature
    • v. 4 (1915-1918) use "European War"
    • v. 5 (1919-) - v. 36 (-Feb. 1977) use "European War, 1914-1918"
    • v. 37 (Mar. 1977-) - use "World War, 1914-1918"
  • Social Sciences Index
    • v. 1 (Apr. 1974-) - v. 8 (-Mar. 1982) use "European War, 1914-1918"
    • v. 9 (Apr. 1983-) - see "World War, 1914-1918"

*Note: Contemporary print indexes will be especially useful in locating articles on this topic. Print indexes are shelved upstairs on the Mezzanine against the front railing.

Online Databases

  • EBSCO Fulltext Databases: abstracts, citations and full-text articles
    • Search the Subjects and select from headings such as "World War 1914-1918," and "Treaty of Versailles,"
    • Usethe People Index to locate articles on "Wilson, Woodrow," "Pershing, John J," etc.
    • Combine Index and Subject searches using the Search History tab.
  • LexisNexis Primary Sources in U.S. Presidential History
    • Subject term searches of full-text documents in U.S. Presidential history.  Search for  "World War I" in combination with specific issues -- use the Subject List feature to locate appropriate headings.
  • New York Times
    • Search citations and document text using war and specific places and/or topics such as "Gallipoli," or "women," etc. Limit by date range to specify the the war years.
  • Proquest: abstracts, citations and full-text articles.
    • Topic searches for "World War I" limited with specific places and/or topics such as "Gallipoli," or "women," etc.


Periodicals available in McGovern Library (print, microfiche, and electronic)


  • All Quiet on the Western Front (VT 204)
  • The Blue Max (DVD 065)
  • The Century (DVD 121)
  • Gallipoli (VT 1103)
  • The Great War 1918 (VT 734/VT 1719)
  • The Guns of August (VT 1135)
  • Men of Bronze (DVD 122)
  • Lawrence of Arabia (DVD 006)
  • Lost Peace, 1919 (VT 1721)
  • Paths of Glory (DVD 076)
  • Return to Isolationism (VT 1720)
  • Up South (DVD 123)
  • Woodrow Wilson (DVD 120)
  • World War I: the complete story (DVD 085 - DVD 087)

Searching the Library Catalog

  • Subject searches: "World War 1914-1918", "Argonne", "Versailles treaty of", or "narrative", "Reconstruction, 1914", "Lusitania", "German Occupation 1914" etc.
  • Keyword searches combining "1914-1918" with locations or terms such as "France" or "Great Britain" with "prisoners," "peace," "campaigns," "social conditions," etc.
  • Limit by publication year to see the most recently published or contemporary sources.

Online Books/Documents/Recordings


Australia in WWI (Battle of Gallipoli)

Armenia in WWI

Canada in WWI


Military Sources: Archives, Museums, etc.

Associations, Archives, and Libraries

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