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Criminal Justice Research Resources
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Subject Specific

Criminal Justice Periodicals Index (ProQuest)
A comprehensive collection of U.S. and international criminal justice journals including information for professionals in law enforcement, corrections administration, drug enforcement, rehabilitation, family law, and industrial security.

LexisNexis Academic
Choose the Legal Module tab for researching law reviews, court cases, tax law, patents, and more.


Academic Search Premier (EBSCOHost)(searching tips)
Academic Search Premier includes general interest and scholarly articles in a variety of areas including the social sciences.

Provides access to scholarly journals in many social science disciplines. Coverage begins with volume 1 for each title. Depending on the publisher, the most recent three - five years may not be available via JSTOR.

Access to local, regional, and national U.S. newspapers. Paid advertisementss and newswire articles are excluded. This database includes the Aberdeen American News, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and the New York Times.

ProQuest (searching tips)
ProQuest includes general interest and scholarly articles in a variety of areas including the social sciences.

Reference Books

Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library -- 2005
Covering the evolution of the American criminal justice system throughout history, Crime and Punishment in America Reference Library explores everything from juvenile justice to organized crime.

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution -- 2nd ed., 2000
Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of constitutional law, as well as biographies of people who have had an impact on our government's legal framework.

Extremist Groups: Information for Students -- 2006
Provides an overview and history of 150 extremist organizations worldwide that are active today.

Fornesic Science -- 2008
A comprehensive reference source on the theory, techniques, and applications of the various forensic sciences.

Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law -- 2nd ed., 2006
Bridges the gap between legal texts focusing on the theory and history behind the law and more practical guides dealing with the law and its everyday effect upon its citizens.

National Survey of State Laws -- 2005
A quick, state-by-state comparison of current state laws -- how they differ and how they're similar.

Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America -- 2001
Profiles major U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have made a significant impact on American society.

Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources -- 2006
Primary source documents focusing on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law -- 2nd ed., 2004
Provides current information on more than 5,000 legal topics.

World Factbook
The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world entities.


  • Films On Demand (Select "Criminal Justice" under Subjects)
  • Mafia: the History of the Mob in America (2001) -- DVD 357
  • Prison Town, USA (2006) -- DVD 326

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