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The DWU Math Department prides itself on providing a rigorous and
relevant mathematical education in a supportive and personal environment.

Career Possibilities

  • Actuary
  • Banker
  • Bond Specialist
  • Civil Servant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Insurance Analyst
  • Inventory Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Teacher

According to Jobs Rated Almanac, the five best jobs in the country all involve training in the mathematical sciences, including the number one job: actuary. At Dakota Wesleyan University, our mathematics faculty provide students with the education necessary to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them.

Recent Wesleyan mathematics graduates include:

  • Teachers throughout South Dakota and across the country
  • A Ph.D. student in mathematics at the University of Indiana
  • A computer programmer for the State of South Dakota
  • A former basketball standout currently employed as a Risk Manager and pursuing an actuarial career
  • Business owners and managers
  • Students who have pursued advanced degrees in engineering, medicine, psychology, and other fields

In this increasingly technological and rapidly changing world, the demand for people with the knowledge and skills provided by a mathematical education will continue to multiply.

"Contrary to many students' views of mathematics as being too specialized for the workplace, students who have majored in mathematics are engaged in a wide variety of jobs with diverse work activities at different types of institutions."

From a report of the Committee on the Mathematical Sciences, 2000

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