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Prairie Winds - 2010 Cover Art

Prairie Winds

Derric Ludens
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Joseph M. Ditta
Cover Art
Charity Kear
Selection Committee
Dr. Joseph M. Ditta
Derric Ludens

 The entire journal is available for download in PDF format.  (614k)

2010 Table of Contents

B.Z. Niditch

Turner's Pond

Brandy Bambas


The Queen of Hearts


Andrew Bakken


Single Stem


David Sapp


Oak Leaves



Two Buddha


Danna McCloud


Koran Rice


Dean Phelps


The Girl At Parma Churchyard



Stone Memory



Sea Dreams


Lacey Reuer


My Dark Prince





Charity Kear


North Dakota Cold


Ariel Ptak


Holy Ghosts



The Storyteller


Andrew Bakken


Midnight Coffee


Dr. Joseph Ditta


Praire Winds Retrospective


Henry Hughs





Great Blue Heron



Ring-Necked Pheasant



Touch Stone



Printed in Spain



Vicki's Grandfather



In A Rabbit Way


James Van Oort


On Tragically Losing the Answer To an Age-Old Question



Kyrle Eleison: Daydream






A Simple Observation


Danna McCloud


Still Pages


Jenna Anderson


Winter's Choice


Andrew Bakken


Cold Road


Trisha Schleich





Stinky Puppy



Sugar Muffin Goober



Battle of the Bands


Trisha Schleich and Seth Pederson




Andrew Bakken


Dusty Light


Contributors' Notes


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