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Prairie Winds - 2010 Cover Art

Prairie Winds

Lacey Reuer
Ariel Ptak
Amber Hiles

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Joseph M. Ditta
Cover Art
Lacey Reuer
Selection Committee
Dr. Joseph M. Ditta
Lacey Reuer
Ariel Ptak
Amber Hiles

 The entire journal is available for download in PDF format.

2012 Table of Contents

Arthur Gottlieb            Meet the Comedian  
    The Way we Won the War  
Kel Curts   The Keyhole     
Matthew J. Spireng   Hatchling          
    Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone      
    Copperhead, Cucumber  
Dana McCloud   Pop War  
Simon Perchik   L42  
Donna Pucciani              Not Ready  
    Losing the Words  
Daniel G. Snethen   Moonlight Illuminates  
    Carrion Beetles  
    Healer Tom      
Lacey Reuer   Revival of a Brother     
    When Belief was in My Brow  
Dana McCloud   Despair  

Dean Phelps    

  The Wind Harp  
    The Wisps of Scorn  

George Gott


Dennis Vannatta

  A Sky-Blue Cadillac  

Robert Cooperman

  The Ranch Wife is Amused…  
    The Ranch Wife Shoots Pool    
    Sheila Gooden Remembers…       
    At her Wedding, Lilian Smith…  
Dana McCloud   Symphony    
Jenna Anderson   Winter’s Light  
Diane Webster   Static Dance      
Amber Hiles   Unrealized  
    The Watching  
Anne Weins   Waiting for You  
Dana McCloud   Phantom Stranger         
Moria Mathews              Kia                
    The Glass that Fell Apart  
Derek Driedger   The World of the Mind  

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