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Prairie Winds - 2010 Cover Art

Prairie Winds is an annual literary journal funded by the Dakota Wesleyan University English Department

Current Issue - Spring 2012

Archived Issues
Spring 2010
Spring 2011

* Issues will be archived online beginning with the Spring 2010 issue.

Prairie WindsManuscripts may be sent to Prairie Winds, Dakota Wesleyan University, 1200 West University Avenue, Box 536, Mitchell, SD 57301. All Manuscripts must be typed and accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Along with your submission, please include a short biography and email address, if applicable.

Prairie Winds welcomes poetry, essay, and photography that are singly submitted. Each volume of Prairie Winds is available at: Prairie Winds, c/o DWU, 1200 West University Ave., Mitchell, SD, 57301.

Copyright© 2010-2012 Prairie Winds. All rights revert to author upon publication.

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