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April 22, 2010

DWU gives back: Service Day set to commemorate charter signing 125 years ago

MITCHELL — Dakota Wesleyan is celebrating 125 years of tradition in 2010 as it marks its anniversary. “Sacrifice or Service” has been the university’s motto, and in honor of the university’s founding, faculty, staff and students will sacrifice a day for service to the community.

This year on Tuesday, April 27, the DWU community will celebrate the signing of the charter by spending “Reading Day,” a day usually set aside without classes for students to study for finals, doing community service work. It happens that Reading Day conveniently lands on the official charter date for the college. It was on April 27, 1885, that Dakota Wesleyan University was officially welcomed into the Mitchell community.

Beginning at 9:30 a.m., members of the campus community will participate in a community service project. Service Day will include road-side trash pickup, assistance to a local senior living center, the Mitchell Area Safehouse and more. Students and staff will divide into groups or departments and give back to the community that the university has shared for 125 years.

Nursing students in Huron, along with faculty and staff, gave back to their own community with a spring clean-up day on the Huron Community Campus on April 7.

In addition to the local service projects, DWU staff and students boxed sample-size items for international distribution. Adam Jones, director of residence life, and the DWU admission office packed up free samples of toothpaste and feminine hygiene products that were donated to the college by various companies. Some students partook in the free samples, but two boxes of products were left to sit in storage. They were packed up and donated to the Center for the Church and Global AIDS for use in Kenya. The donations were given to Florence Murugu, who is the HIV and AIDS program manager there. Murugu was a guest speaker on campus on April 15 and is the program manager for project H.O.P.E. in Meru, Kenya. Her visit was sponsored by the McGovern Center and the Center for the Church and Global AIDS, of which The Rev. Dr. Donald Messer is executive director. Messer is also a former president of Dakota Wesleyan University.

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