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Oct. 5, 2010

Fun Run/Walk for Water Results

MITCHELL — Many people came together this semester to help the Dakota Wesleyan Student Ministry Council raise funds to build a self-sustaining clean water well in Peru. Saturday’s 5K Fun Run/Walk for Water helped complete the fundraising goal of $1,500.

Fifty-one participants arrived Saturday morning for the fun/run walk, beginning and ending at CorTrust Bank on North Main Street. Each participant was encouraged to pay a $25 entry fee, which included a free T-shirt. Some people donated entry fees for student runners and others made flat donations to the cause. There was also a Saturday morning alumni worship held at the Sherman Center, at which $699 was collected. With the fun run, worship donations and other donations and fundraisers, a little more than $1,500 was raised.

“The fun run went really well and we were happy with the number of participants we got,” said Brandon Vetter, campus pastor. “With 51 people, that would have been half of what we needed to raise, but with the extra donations and the generosity of alumni who came to worship that morning, we actually went over our goal.”

Each year, campus ministry takes a mission trip. Last year they went to Mexico and the year before that to Peru.

“More than 880 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water,” Vetter said. “Our mission this year is to provide an entire village in Peru with a self-sustaining clean water well. We really appreciate the community’s help in this – I think those 51 people showed our students that they can come up with creative ways to get the community involved.”

The following are the results from Saturday’s event:

Steve Rice – 19:53
Meghan McGreevy – 21:01
Joshua Karow – 22:39
Kelty Godby – 22:39
Wendy LaMont – 23:56
Vicki Triggs – 24:11
Andrew Zoller – 22:47
Rebecca Swanson – 24:12
Sharon McDaniel – 24:57
Mike Long – 25:34
Tom Schnabel – 25:50
Jim Williams – 26:05
Kirk Weller – 26:09
Jessica Mikkelsen – 26:11
Annika Russell – 27:10
Casey Bailey – 27:17
Lori Bork – 28:50
Brandi Duerksen – 29:03
Heather Grabenstein – 29:03
Erin Stinson – 29:11
Andrew Boyajian – 30:00
Heidi Berg – 30:30
Kay Baumiller – 30:37
Todd Long – 30:37
Joe McBride – 31:19
Marie McBride – 31:22
Lana Loken – 33:59
Lance Kjelder – 34:35
Elizabeth Kitchens – 35:40
Danelle Orange – 37:04
Shelly Neugebauer – 37:04
Gary Britton – 37:08
Jennifer DeLange – 37:58
Jessica Davidson – 37:59
Karen Lambert – 48:18

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