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March 16, 2013

Fractal artistís work on display at DWU; artist on campus Monday

MITCHELL — Left brain, meet right brain.

Kevin Gross, a fractal artist originally from South Dakota, is displaying his mathematically-inspired artwork at the McGovern Library at Dakota Wesleyan University now through March 25.

Additionally, he will be available to discuss his work at noon, Monday, March 18, and at 2 p.m., Monday, March 25. If interested in purchasing one of his prints, please contact a member of the math department at DWU or stop by to talk to the artist on one of those Mondays.

Gross will also speak on the mathematics of fractals and how to do fractal art during several math classes on Monday. 

“Not everyone relates mathematics to art, but what Kevin Gross does with fractal mathematic equations is really beautiful,” said Joan Lubben, assistant professor of mathematics at DWU. “To explain what fractal art is, look at the image as a whole, take a small piece out of it and enlarge it, then take another small piece out of this one and enlarge it. You can keep doing this forever and what you’ll see is pretty much the same picture. No matter what scale you choose, you’ll see the same pattern and complexity.”

Lubben said that she is not as familiar with fractal mathematics as Gross is and is looking forward to discussing how to apply fractals, not just to art, but to other subject areas.

“One can use fractals to model many natural phenomenons,” she said. “For example, the shape of a coastline or a mountain range can be modeled using fractals. In fact, some landscape movie scenes were created using fractal art. Fractals are used in biology to model blood vessels, DNA and ecosystems.

“I’m excited to learn about this type of mathematics and how I can incorporate it into my classes. And I think the students are going to enjoy this introduction to a rather fun side of mathematics. Bringing in something that is so beautiful shows our students that math is not just solving an equation. Math can be artistic and there are so many other things you can do with it.”

DWU is a private, liberal arts university associated with the Dakotas Conference of the United Methodist Church.  For more information about Dakota Wesleyan University, visit www.dwu.edu. To contact Joan Lubben, email her at jolubben@dwu.edu.

To visit Kevin Gross’s website and view galleries, click here.

Several pieces of Kevin Gross’s art are on display at the McGovern Library, now through March 25


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