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7-12 Language Arts – English Education

Sports Management

7-12 Mathematics Education

7-12 Biology Education

7-12 History Education

K-12 Music Education

*Available only as a minor

Accounting - Catalog Information
Accountants are able to be involved in all aspects of a business or organization, from cost analysis to budgeting to managing information systems. You will experience a practical educational program that emphasizes leadership, innovation and ethics in business. You might take: Money and Banking; Cost Accounting.

Behavioral Sciences - Catalog Information
In this interdisciplinary program, you’ll gain a solid foundation in psychology and sociology. You’ll be prepared for careers in leadership and service that involve understanding and working with individuals and groups. You might take: Child Welfare; Social Psychology.

Business Administration - Catalog Information
This is not an old-fashioned business degree. At DWU, your business major could be coupled with entrepreneurship, leadership and public service, forensic accounting, wildlife management, or legal studies. Add that to an emphasis in information management, finance or marketing, and you’ll have a distinct edge among your peers. We’ll help you find an internship as you determine your direction, offer you leadership experiences on campus and off, and encourage you to follow your strengths. Recently, a group of students traveled to China to explore business in the world’s fastest-growing economy. You might take: Organizational Behavior; Marketing.

Coaching - Catalog Information

Corporate and Homeland Security Management - Catalog Information
One of the newest majors on campus, Corporate and Homeland Security Management focuses on the domestic and international security issues of corporations and government. Choose to concentrate in either homeland security or corporate security, and take courses like American Foreign Policy, World Religions, and Fraud Examination. The goal is to prepare you for a world of vastly changing security issues — and to equip you to navigate through them. You might also take: Criminal Procedures; Organizational Behavior.

Criminal Justice - Catalog Information
From investigation to court services to corrections, DWU’s innovative program in criminal justice will prepare you not only for a job, but for an exciting career pursuing justice and public service. You might take: Criminal Investigation; Trial and Evidence.

Economics - Catalog Information

Education - Elementary and Secondary - Catalog Information
The DWU elementary education program has a long-standing reputation for excellent hands-on learning. The on-campus elementary school houses our education department, which gives you unparalleled access to real students, real teachers and real classrooms. Your observation hours begin when you enter the education program, and by the time you student teach, you’ll be confident in your practiced skills and well-prepared to engage the young scholars in your classroom. DWU offers a variety of secondary certificates, as well as early childhood and middle school certification, and coaching endorsements. You might take: Children’s Literature; Human Relations/Multiculturalism.

Secondary Certificates
7-12 Language Arts – English Education
7-12 Mathematics Education
7-12 Biology Education
7-12 History Education
K-12 Music Education

Entrepreneurial Leadership - Catalog Information

Financial and Enterprise Crime - Catalog Information

Forensic Science and Investigation - Catalog Information

Human Services - Catalog Information
DWU’s human services program complements criminal justice, public service and leadership, psychology, and many other “people-centered” majors. It is an applied social and behavioral sciences program that promotes leadership and service to others. This interdisciplinary program fosters an understanding of the causes and consequences of individual and social problems, and prepares you for careers in the helping professions. You can also take the required classes to meet South Dakota board certification in alcohol and drug abuse studies. Internships along the way give you opportunities to try out the human services field, and many internships result in job offers. You might take: Alcohol Use and Abuse; Victimology; Group Counseling.

Leadership and Public Service - Catalog Information
Based out of the McGovern Center for Leadership and Public Service, this interdisciplinary program gives you access to today’s movers and shakers via speakers, authors and movie producers. You’ll talk about policy makers, and then you’ll talk with them. You’ll find out what it takes to manage a nonprofit organization and work to make your efforts help those most in need. Interested in a career in law, government, nonprofit management or politics? This is the place to start. You might take: Policy Communications; Ethics and Public Policy.

Legal Studies - Catalog Information

Political Science - Catalog Information

Psychology - Catalog Information
Psychology majors at DWU prepare for graduate school or careers in areas including sales, management, social work, personnel and training, and retail. Explore internships as you find your niche in the world of people and their surroundings. You might take: Psychology of Personality; Experimental Psychology.

Special Education - Catalog Information
You understand that teachers must embrace diversity among learners. You want to help students be the best they can be. At DWU, you’ll learn the skills to successfully assess needs, plan programs and monitor progress of students with exceptionalities. You might take: Developing and Adapting Curriculum for Individuals with Exceptionalities; Administering Tests and Assessing Behavior of Individuals with Exceptionalities.

Sports Management - Catalog Information
Your career as an athlete won’t last forever, but your career in athletics can. Choose an emphasis in marketing and promotions, facility and personnel management, or club and fitness management. With a business core built into the major, and experiential learning a key component of your classes, you’ll be prepared to be a valuable player in any sports organization. The DWU sports management program has placed interns and graduates with the NHL’s Florida Panthers, the Puerto Rican Olympic Committee, the San Antonio Spurs and minor league sports organizations, including the Sioux Falls Canaries, Sioux Falls Storm, and the Rapid City indoor football team. You might take: Sports Finance; Sport and the Law.

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