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Withdrawal or Incompletes?

When a student is called up for active duty in either the National Guard or Reserves, Dakota Wesleyan University will take one of the following actions. The particular option chosen will be determined by the student and approved by the Academic Dean:

  • If the academic term is nearly complete, students will be allowed to take early finals or have finals proctored at their place of deployment.
  • If the deployment is during the academic term, students will be given the option of taking incompletes and finishing work later. In these cases, the work will be completed away from campus and the incomplete deadline will be extended to allow reasonable completion of the academic work while deployed.
  • If the deployment is during the academic term and students do not choose to take the option of incomplete grades, students may withdraw from DWU with full refunds of their tuition and prorated refunds of room and board.
  • If the deployment is for a limited time, and the student will be able to return to campus before the end of the academic term, students may take excused absences in their classes. If the number of excused absences is such that successful completion of course is not possible, the student, the academic dean and the instructor will work together to determine a solution to the problem.

The Academic Dean will send a letter to other offices on campus informing them of the student's decision. This letter will be used by campus offices for any processing that needs to happen as a result of the mobilization. Additional withdrawal or incomplete paperwork is not required in these cases.

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