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How Do I Start?

Students who have been notified of mobilization or call ups should contact the Academic Dean's Office as soon as possible.

The Academic Dean's Office is located at 205 Smith Hall, the phone number is (605) 995-2645.

The process may be begun as soon as the student is notified of the alert for mobilization. If the student has not received his or her orders to active duty prior to the projected date for departure, the Dean's Office will supply the student with a self addressed stamped envelope for mailing of a copy of these orders. Once the orders have been received, they will be kept in the student's file in the Registrar's Office. Copies will be supplied to other offices by the Registrar's Office upon request.

When the student meets with the Academic Dean, he or she should be prepared to discuss or decide if this should be handled as a withdrawal or incompletes.

The Academic Dean will send a letter to other offices on campus informing them of the student's status. This letter will be used by campus offices for any processing that needs to happen as a result of the mobilization. Additional withdrawal or incomplete paperwork is not required in these cases.

This process replaces the need to do any other withdrawal paperwork or leave of absence paperwork.

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