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Religion and Philosophy Department

The DWU Religion and Philosophy department adopted a new major in Christian leadership in 2012 which focuses on spiritual formation, entrepreneurship and service to others.

The mission of the DWU Religion and Philosophy department is to inform and inspire the next generation of leaders for effective service and ministry in the church and the world, and to enable all DWU students to understand issues in philosophy and religion so as to enhance a life of service informed by faith.

There are five areas of leadership emphasis from which to choose:



The study of religion and philosophy stresses the historical, ethical, spiritual, cultural and logical bases of a society's system of beliefs.  At Dakota Wesleyan University, the programs in the Department of Religion and Philosophy reflect our commitment to value-based education and our tradition as a church-related college.

The moral and ethical aspects of leadership and service are examined and encouraged in the courses within these programs as students are prepared for further study in seminary, careers and lives of responsible stewardship.

The university affirms its relationship with the United Methodist Church and fosters diversity in an inclusive atmosphere.  DWU encourages the dialogue between mind and soul, simultaneously building relationships, developing whole persons, and promoting service to God and humanity.

For more information, contact: 
JOEL ALLEN, Department of Religion and Philosophy Chairman 
joallen@dwu.edu or 605-995-2632


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