Memoirs and Human Interest

Amerson, Robert, 1925-

1996, From the Hidewood: Memories of a Dakota Neighborhood

Childhood, youth , social life and customs in rural Deuel County.

Blasingame, Ike, 1884-1962

Born in TX. Came to SD as worker for Matador Land and Cattle Co. Started own ranch on Little Moreau River. Moved to WY and CA.

1954, Dakota Cowboy: My Life in the Old Days.

A personal narrative of life on the Matador Ranch of West River.

Dudley, Joseph Iron Eye, 1940

Raised by grandparents, Dudley drew up near Yankton, served in the Air Force, became a clergyman, now does workshops on racism, culture.

1992, Choteau Creek: a Sioux Reminiscence

Reminiscene of childhood on Yankton Sioux reservation shows life poor in material good but overflowing in spiritual wealth

Goertz, Reuben, 1918-1993

Princes, Potentates, and Plain People

Essays about the Germans from Russia in South Dakota ed. by Arthur Huseboe

Grigsby, Melvin, 1845-

1888, The Smoked Yank

Memoir of a South Dakotan who was a Civil War soldier, at Andersonvile Prison.

**Hasselstrom, Linda M., 1943-

Born in TX. Daughter of John (rancher) and Mildred (secretary); married and divorced Daniel G. Lusk; married George R. Snell, who died in 1988. B.A. USD, 1965. M.A. Univ. of MO at Columbia, 1969. Writer, rancher, educator.

1987, Going Over East: Reflections of a Woman Rancher.

1991, Land Circle: Writings Collected from the Land.

1987, Windbreak: a Woman Rancher on the Northern Plains.

1997, Leaning into the Wind, ed.

McGovern, George, 1922-

Born in Avon, SD. B.A. Dakota Wesleyan, 1945. Ph. D. Northwestern, 1953. SD Senator 1963-1980. Democratic presidential candidate, 1972.

1996, Terry.

Describes daughter's life-and-death struggle with alchoholism.

**O'Brien, Dan, 1947-

Writer, rancher, conservationist and falconry expert in northwest SD

1997, Equinox: Life, Love, and Birds of Prey

1988, The Rites of Autumn: a falconer's journey

Traces rehabilitation and retraining of peregrine falcon

Riggs, Stephen, 1812-1883

1880, Mary and I: Forty Years with the Sioux.

Misisonary work among the Dakota including work in Pierre area.

Riggs, Mary Ann Clark Longley, 1813-1869

1997, A Small Bit of Bread and Butter

Letters from Dakota Territory, 1832-1869

St. Pierre, Mark, 1950-

1991, Madonna Swan: a Lakota Woman's Story

1995, Walking in the Sacred Manner: dealers, dreamers, and pipe carriers.

**Stensland, Doris

1977, Haul the Water, Haul the Wood.

1992, Ole's Promise

**Wagner, Sally Roesch

1993, The Grandmother Who Climbed to the Top of the World.

Helped by the animals, plant and elements she befriends along the way, Prairie Grandmother reaches her goal--and our hearts.

1989-, Daughters of Dakota series

1994, Elizabeth Cady Stanton through Her Stories.

1975, The Declaration of the Rights of Women: 1876.

Warren, Margaret Lemley

1991, The Badlands Fox

West River memoir.

Wyman, Walker Demarquis, 1907-1972

1972, Frontier Woman: the Life of a Woman Homesteader on the Dakota Frontier.

Retold from original notes and letters of Grace Fairchild, a Wisconsin teacher who went to SD in 1898.

1954, Nothing but Prairie and Sky: life on the Dakota Range in the early days.

From original notes of Bruce Siberts, 1868-1952.

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