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Authors listed here may have significant writing about South Dakota or roots in South Dakota. Their works may not have fit all of the criteria developed by the researchers and humanties scholars working on this project. We hope you visit this site often because we hope to continue to add names and titles here.

Aune, Edla

Journey Down the Road


Bartholow, Pat

1985, The Dakota Kids "on the farm adventure"

1985, The Dakota Kids "dig the dinosaurs that walked South Dakota"


Bellville, Cheryl Walsh, 1944-

Born in NM, grad. from SDSU in 1965, wrote juv. fiction related to rural life

1982, Round-up

Describes the activities that take place at a spring cattle round-up.



Blair, Gwenda (Linda), 1943 -

1981, Laura Ingalls Wilder

Brief bio. of author of Little House books based on her own experiences living on frontier in late 19th century.


Bly, Coletta Benning

1977, The Figleaf Collection


Bojer Johan, 1872-1959

1925, The Emigrants.

Story of Norwegian settlers to SD


Bonham, Barbara, (Sarah North), 1926-

Born in NE, writer of many juv. books

1970, The Battle of Wounded Knee: the Ghost Dance Uprising

Traces the causes, events and aftermath of the Sioux uprising of 1890-91 with specific descriptions of the Ghost Dance and the Wounded Knee Massacre.


Brush Mary E. Q.

1894, Sarah Dakota

Story has view that French and Norwegian immigrants were culturally inferior, and that Indians were savage.


Burr, Jane (pseud)

1909, Letters of a Dakota Divorcee

Takes place when Sioux Falls was a divorce capital. Romance winds up in Black Hills.


Byrne Emma Beaver

Wife of one of the early governors of SD.

1916, The Song Beneath the Keys.

Story of a failing marriage and a spiritual awakening of central character.


Castle Marian Johnson, 1924-

Born in Il. Wrote articles for popular magazines, book clubs, popular romanticized fiction.

1946, Deborah.

Spans three generations on a SD homestead.


Chace G. Earl

Herpetologist at Reptile Gardens. Wrote natural history for children.

1982, The World of Lizards

1984, Rattlesnakes

Wonders of Rattlesnakes

Wonders of Prairie Dogs


Clark Anna Morris

1936, Sylvia of the Hills.


Clark Charlotte R.

1970, Black Cowboy; the story of Nat Love


Coon, Martha Sutherland

Born in WI. Attended SF College 1906-7. Received MA from USD in 1950 Taught Latin and high school English

1967, Georgie's Capital

A little girl finds a way to help her hometown of Pierre be selected as capital.


DeWall, Robb, 1939-

Wrote many books on the carving of the Crazy Horse monument


Dickerson, Inga Hansen

1956, Trina.

Based on her mother's life as a Norwegian homesteader near Yankton in the 1870's, this recounts the adventures of an immigrant Norwegian girl.


Edlosi, Mario (Janet Leih)

Shouting to the Wind The Windmill Valley of Many Winds


Enright, Gary

1992, The Last Wolf.

Story of Three Toes, the Custer wolf.


Felton, Harold W., 1902-

Born in IA. Ed. U of Neb.

1969, Nat Love, Negro Cowboy.

Biography of boy freed from slavery during Civil War. At age 15, went West to become cowpuncher. champion roper, sharpshooter, bronco rider, and finally, a Pullman porter.


Fitch, Frances Bjures

Under Prairie Sky: Life on a Dakota Homestead

Memories of Haakon county in the early 20th century.


Gall, Gretchen, 1914-

Born in Wessington Springs, SD. Degrees from Morningside College and USD. Taught in area schools, professor at USD.


Garst, Shannon, 1899-

Born in MI. Wrote many books for young people about the West and biographies of famous Western figures.

1965, The Picture Story and Biography of Red Cloud.

1952, Wild Bill Hickok

Crazy Horse, a Great Warrior of the Sioux

Custer, Fighter of the Plains.

Buffalo Bill


Gates, Eleanor, 1875-1951

Lived in southern Minnehaha Co. in 1877

1906, The Plow-woman.

1902, The Biography of a Prairie Girl.

Fictionalized autobiographical account of a young girl growning up in the Vermillion River Valley.

1912, Poor Little Rich Girl.

Made into a movie


Gates, Mary

1937, Out of This Nettle.

Girl rides in rodoeo and as circus trick rider before working on a ranch as "cowboy" in western SD, where she finds love.


Gilman, Stella Lucile

1892, That Dakota Girl.

Setting near Big Sioux River. Heroine is a tomboy, but refined, and larger than life.

1901, A Gumbo Lily and Other Tales


Goodson, Rose Mary

Many books for young people about Black Hills area.

1986, The White River Badlands Story

1971, The Black Hills of South Dakota

Text and pictures briefly trace the history of the Black Hills regions from prehistory to present. 1979, The Rushmore Story


Goings, Mary

1984, Womensight (poetry) with Anges Brewer


Hanson, James Mills, 1876-

1912, With Carrington on the Bozeman Road.

Historical novel that sticks close to documentary information as it describes development of Bozeman Trail and resulting Fetterman Massacre.

1910, With Sully into the Sioux Land.

Depicts exploits of Gen. Sully as he pursued Sioux into Black Hills regions.


Harris Edward, 1799-1863

Early traveler through state.

Up the Missouri with Audubon; the journal of Edward Harris.


Hawley, Zoa Grace

1938, A Boy Rides with Custer.


Howie Edith

Writer of popular mysteries for female audience.

1946, The Band Played Murder

1944, Cry Murder

1942, Murder's So Permanent

1942, Murder at Stone House

1941, Murder for Christmas

1946, No Face to Murder

1941, Three Prize Murders


Hunkins, Ralph V., 1890-

1941, Tepee Days: Tales of the Prairies.

1945, Sod-house Days: Tales of the Prairies.

1942, Trapper Days: Tales of the Prairie


Kirkham, Lester

Les' Life: a Prairie Boyhood


Knutson, Wayne



Kotswinkle, William, 1938-

Born in PA. Wrote many books for adults, children

1971, Return of Crazy Horse.

Describes efforts of Korczak Ziolkowski to carve monument out of mountain in Black Hills.


Kreitzer, Jack-

Native of Sioux Falls, living in Rapid City. Active with Writers in the Schools project.

1979, Dark Moon

1986, The Moth and the Flame: lovepoems

1985, Nightnoises: lovepoems

1976, Through Fire and Deep Water


McGovern, Ann

Author of many books for children

1972, If You Lived with the Sioux Indians.

Daily life of Sioux before and after coming of white man.


Mikesell, Janice H.

Lived in Brookings, Sioux Falls

1990, A Survivor's Manual: a book of poems.

Reflects joys, frustrations and realities of womanhood.

1988, Women, Houses and Homes: an Anthology of Prose.


Miller John E.

1993, Looking for History on Highway 14


Moxley, Verna

1954, Wind 'til Sundown


O'Neill, Laurie

1993, Wounded Knee: the Death of a Dream


Parker, Donald Dean, 1899-1983

Born in MD. Prof. of history and political science at SDSU 1943-65. Wrote many books about individual SD counties, towns, ethnic groups.

1973, Gabriel Renville, Young Sioux Warrior: the Adventures of an Indian Boy in Early MN.


Peterson, Marlyce Haug

1982, Prairie Child


Shulenberger, Arvid

1954, Roads from the Fort


Starita, Joe

1995, The Dull Knifes of Pine Ridge (bio.)

Story of one family from the Lakota nation that has lived on Pine Ridge for five generations. Includes accounts of government captivity of Indians, the saga of the massacre at Wounded Knee, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, serving America in wartime, holding onto the culture.


Wade Linda R.

1991, Badlands: Beauty Carved from Nature

Describes the beauty and desolation of this barren region, the historic events connected with it, ahd what is is like today.


White Stewart Edward, 1873-1946

Born in MI. 1897, came to SD and located several gold claims and worked them for several years. Wrote 50+ adventure stories.

1904, Blazed Trail Stories.

"Billy's Tenderfoot" takes place in Black Hills.

1901, The Claim Jumpers: a romance.

Grew directly out of author's experience at gold camp near Keystone

1910, The Westerners.

Story of invasion of Hills in 1875 by gold seekers. Includes dangerous road, dissension within group, conflict Indians, violence.


Young Carrie Ahdele. 1923-

Born in ND.

1991, Nothing to Do but Stay: My Pioneer Mother.

1992, The Wedding Dress: Stories from the Dakota Plains.

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