Authors on the Map

The South Dakota Library Association, in partnership with South Dakota Council of Teachers of English and South Dakota Humanties Council, distributed the South Dakota Literary Map to every school, public, university and special library in South Dakota. The front of the map locates 55 authors and one or two titles of significant works near the region they wrote about. The back of the map contains biographical data and a partial annotated listing of titles for more than 150 authors.

** Indicates name on the front of the map, with one or two titles, biographical annotation and more complete listing in the back of the published map. For information about selection criteria and purchase information see More About the SD Literary Map.


**Amerson, Robert, 1925-

1996, From the Hidewood: Memories of a Dakota Neighborhood

Childhood, youth, social life and customs in rural Deuel County.


**Baum, L. Frank, 1856-1919

Born in NY; playwright, novelist, journalist, operator of variety store in Aberdeen, SD (1888-89), editor of newpaper Saturday Pioneer (1889-91), misc. jobs after leaving Aberdeen, later lived in Hollywood, wrote dozens of books under pseudonyms.

1901, American Fairy Tales

1908, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

A tornado whirls Dorothy away from her home in Kansas and into adventures along the yellow brick road. After 1910 14 more books published in the Oz series.

1941, 1996, Our Landlady

Original publication of compilation of newspaper columns sponsored by SD Writers Project, WPA

1909, Aunt Jane's Nieces out West

1908, Aunt Jane's Nieces at Milville


**Black Elk, 1863-1950

Born in Little Powder River, WY; died in Manderson, SD. Native American. Medicine man and cultural historian. Toured U.S. and Europe with "Buffalo Bill" Cody's Wild West Show, 1886-89

1932, Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux as Told to John G. Neihardt

1953, The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux.

1984, The Sixth Grandfather: Black Elk's Teachings Given to John. G Niehardt.


**Blasingame, Ike, 1884-1962

Born in TX. Came to SD as worker for Matador Land and Cattle Co. Started own ranch on Little Moreau River. Moved to WY and CA.

1954, Dakota Cowboy: My Life in the Old Days.

A personal narrative of life on the Matador Ranch of West River.


**Boyles, Virgil, 1872-1965

Born in Ill. Came to Dakota Territory, educated at Yankton College. Court reporter, lawyer, judge. Collaborated with sister Kate to write fiction.

**Boyles, Kate Bingham,1876 -1959

Born in Dakota Territory (Olivet). Educated at Yankton College

1907, Langford of the Three Bars

Life of young woman in western SD

1909, The Homesteaders

Based on true events of the quarrel between homesteaders and cattle men in Chamberlain area. Also involves Indian-White relationships.

1910, The Spirit Trail

1922, A Daughter of the Badlands

Mixed-blood Indian girl struggles against outlaws.


**Breneman, Mary Worthy

Pen name for mother-daughter combination of Mary Worthy Thurston and Muriel Breneman.

1956, The Land They Possessed

Story of Thurston's parents' settlement in Eureka area, where daughter Michal learns to adapt to German-Russians.



**Briggs, William Harlowe

1942, Dakota in the Morning

Story of homesteading in Dakota Territory that ends in failure, through the view of youngster, Bub, who loves prairie.


**Catlin, George, 1796-1872.

1861, Life among the Indians; a book for youth.


**Chief Eagle, Dallas, 1925-1978

Born near Rosebud, SD. Chief of Teton Sioux, 1967-78. Development Corp. of the United Sioux Tribes of SD, director of tourism.

1967, Winter Count

Set in Black Hills region, covering time from 1874 to 1890.

Newly-married Indian couple is kidnapped by group of white renegades. Includes descriptions of Sun Dance, Battle of Little Bighorn and includes Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull.


**Christopherson, Marie, 1898-1989

·1995, Driftwood in a Time of War

Columns from the Argus Leader During WWII.


**Clark, Badger (Charles), 1883 -1957

Born in Iowa. First poet laureate of SD. "Cowboy poet." Moved to Dakota Territory as infant. Attended Dakota Wesleyan for one year. Adventured to Cuba, but got sick and returned to Deadwood. Later, Got TB and went to AZ, where he began writing. 1910--returned to Hot Springs to take care of parents. 1925--retired to cabin at Legion Lake (now in Custer State Park) reading, writing.

1917, Grass-grown trails

1978, Singleton

1935, Sky Lines and Wood Smoke

1925, Spike

1919, 1922, Sun and Saddle Leather (included Grass-grown Trails)

1927, When Hot Springs Was a Pup

1978, Boot and Bylines


**Cleaver, William, 1920-1981

Collaborated with wife, Vera, on youth fiction.

**Cleaver, Vera 1919-1992

Born in Virgil, SD. Attended school in Kennebec. Began writing at age six under influence of grandfather, a newspaper publisher. Collaborated with husband, Bill, to write dozens of stories for children and young adults.

1975, Dust of the Earth

Fourteen-year-old Fern tells the story of her cantankerous family's move to a farm they inherit in the Badlands of SD.


**Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth, 1930-

Born in Ft. Thompson, SD. Member of Crow Creek Sioux tribe. Educated at SDSU, graduate study at New Mexico State U and Black Hills State. 1972--M. Ed. at USD. 1977-78--doctoral study at U of Neb. High school and college teacher at times. Grandfather was Gabrielle Renville, a developer of early Dakotah dictionary. Work focuses on northern plains and Lakota/Dakota people.

1983, Seek the House of Relatives

1977, Then Badger Said This (poetry)

1990, The Power of Horses and Other Stories

1991, From the River's Edge

Native American rancher's court dispute over stolen cattle. Chronicles tribal ties, community bonds, inappropriateness of white man's court system.

1997, Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays: a Tribal Voice


**Crow Dog, Mary (Mary Brave Bird),1953-

Born in Brule, Rosebud Reservation. Aunt Elsie Flood was medicine woman. Uncle Dick Fool Bull taught her the oral traditions of tribe. Involved in AIM, seige at Wounded Knee, married Leonard Crow Dog, (divorced).

1990, Lakota Woman (autobio.)

Describes childhood, adolescence of alcohol, rebelliousness, poverty.

1993, Ohitika Woman (autobio.)

Begins in 1977, discusses participation in Native American church.


**Dahl, Borghild,1890-1984

Born in Mpls., MN. High school teacher and principal in SD and MN 1912-22. Augustana College--prof. of lit. and journalism 1926-39. Over half of works written after she became blind.

1944, I Wanted to See

About battle against blindness

1947, Karen

A courageous heroine manages to build a homestead despite ineffectual husband. Stands up to land agent, forms a congregation. A "virtual superwoman."

1953, Homecoming

1962, Finding My Way

Bio. involving blindness.

1968, Rikk of the Rendal Clan.

Fantasy. On his twelfth birthday, a troll sets out on a test journey that, if successfully completed, will allow him to be classed among the grownups of the clan, and meets interesting characters and adventures along his way.

1966, Good News

1982, Happy All My Life


**Deloria, Vine, Jr., 1933 -

Born in Martin, SD. Member of Standing Rock Reservation. Nephew of Ella DeLoria. Graduated Iowa State. BD, Augustana Lutheran Seminary, 1963. Prof. of law 1978-90 at Univ. of Arizona. Now teaches at U of Colo. , Boulder.

1969, Custer Died for your Sins.

Covers negative aspects of Indian-White relations, attacks misisons and public agencies, yet holds hope for future.

1970, We Talk, You Listen.

Issues and events of 1960's, esp. rising influence of minorities.

1973, God Is Red.

Native view of religion, in conflict with Christianity.

1971, Of Utmost Good Faith.

Discusses gov.'t relations with Native Americans, traces civil rights laws between 1830-1968.

1995, Red Earth, White Lies: Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact.

Attacks western and written history. Argues that heart and soul of Indian society is connected to land.

1997, Indians and Anthropologists

Critique of anthropology, ethnocentrism.


Deloria, Ella (Cara) 1888-1971

Born on Yankton Reservation near present-day Lake Andes, SD. Daughter of Philip Joseph Deloria (an Episcopal priest) and Mary Sully. Teacher at All Saints School in Sioux Falls 1915-19. Physical ed. teacher in KS, beginning in 1923. Research specialist in American Indian ethnology and linguistics at Columbia University, 1927-42. Researcher, writer, lecturer, 1942-55, 1958-71. Director, St. Elizabeth's Mission, Wakpala, SD, 1955-58.

1929, The Sun Dance of the Oglala Sioux.

1932, Dakota Texts

Contains myths, legends, stories of the Dakota and Lakota.

1944, Speaking of Indians. (nonfict.)

1992, Deer Women and Elk Men: the Lakota Narratives.

Folklore, social systems.

1988, Waterlily.

Fictional life of Lakota woman, including details of coming of age, marriage, kinship, customs.

1994, Ella Deloria's The Buffalo People.

Includes folklore, women's concerns.

1993, Ella Deloria's Iron Hawk

Lakota legends, includes Lakota text.


**Dexter, Pete, 1943-

Born in MI. BA from USD, 1970. Has worked as truck driver, gas station attendant, mail sorter, construction laborer, salesperson.

1984, God's Pocket.

Violence, mystery, murder in Philadelphia

1986, Deadwood.

Colorful fiction of events around life and death of "Wild Bill" Hickok.

1988, Paris Trout.

National Book Award winner. Set in 1950's in Georgia, features a violent, racist man who forces characters and readers to question ethical focus.

1993, Brotherly Love

1995, The Paperboy


**Doane, Michael, 1940-

Born in Sioux Falls. Graduated from O'Gorman H.S., English major at USD with Manfred. Lived in Paris for a decade. Now lives in Montecito, CA. Writes novels, screen plays.

1984, The Legends of Jesse Dark

1988, The Surprise of Burning

1990, Six Miles to Roadside Business

1992, City of Light: a Novel

1994, Bullet Heart


Downing, J. Hyatt, 1888-1973

Born in IO. Raised in Blunt, SD. Mother opened boarding house in Vermillion to put children through USD, where Downing was capt. of football team and wrote several songs.

1938, A Prayer for Tomorrow.

Based upon life in Blunt, traces family from ranch country to small town of Rudge, where hard times almost destroy community. Problems attributed to plowing up land.

1939, Hope of Living

1944, The Harvest Is Late

1963, Four on the Trail (under pseudonym of Mark Flood.


Dudley, Joseph Iron Eye,1940-

Raised by grandparents, Dudley drew up near Yankton, served in the Air Force, became a clergyman, now does workshops on racism, culture.

1992, Choteau Creek: a Sioux Reminiscence

Reminiscene of childhood on Yankton Sioux reservation shows life poor in material good but overflowing in spiritual wealth


**Dwyer, David, 1946

Poet, married to Kathleen Norris, poet

1988, Other Men and Other Women.


**Eastman, Elaine Goodale,1863-1953

Wife of Charles Eastman.

1978, Sister to the Sioux.

Memoirs from 1885-91.

1931, Yellow Star: a Story of East and West.

Story of Indian girl adopted by white paretns after Wounded Knee Massacre.

1919, Indian Legends Retold

1935, Pratt, the Red Man's Moses


**Eastman, Charles,1858-1939

Santee Sioux who served as physician in SD. Most widely known North American author in early 20th century. Educated in Flandreau, Dartmouth.

1902, Indian Boyhood

1907, Old Indian Days.

Shows major roles women played in Sioux society.

1911, Soul of an Indian.

Account of Indian ways and religious beliefs.

1916, From the Deep Woods to Civilization: Chapters in the Autobiography of an Indian.

Account of college life, medical training, practice of medicine, work among the Indians at Pine Redge including the aftermath of Wounded Knee Massacre.

1970, Indian Boyhood.

Account of first fifteen years spend with uncle and grandfather and ends with arrival of his father from prison.


Erdoes, Richard, 1912-

Born in Vienna, Austria.

1995, Crow Dog

1976, The Sound of Flutes and Other Indian Legends.

Legends include stories by Lame Deer, Jenny Leading Cloud, Leonard Crow Dog illustrated by Paul Goble.

1971, Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions. List as editor under Lame Deer.


**Evans, David Allan, 1940-

Born in Sioux City, IA. Attended Augustana College, Morningside College (B.A.) M. A. U of Iowa, M. F. A. U of Ark. Associate professor in English SDSU.

1976, Train Windows. (poetry)

1982, What the Tallgrass Says (essays)

1970, Among Athletes (poetry)

1985, Real and False Alarms

1986, Remembering the Soos


Fargo, Lucile Foster, 1880-1962

1937, Prairie Girl.

Girl who grows up in Dell Rapids area. Scorns "feminine" concerns in favor of helping father build house and working in store.

1943, Prairie Chautauqua.

Two young Dell Rapids women spend three weeks at Chautauqua near Madison in the 1880's.


**Fire, John, 1903-1976

Rosebud Sioux. Traditional name was Lame Deer.

1972, Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions.

Experiences and philosophies of medicine man, edited by Richard Erdoes.


**Flood, Renee Sansom

1885, Remember Your Relatives.

Yankton Sioux images from 1851-1904

1986, Lessons from Chouteau Creek: Yankton memories of Dakota territorial intrigue.

1995, Lost Bird of Wounded Knee.

Pultizer prize nominee. Story of child who survives Wounded Knee massacre.


**Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940

Born in WI. Moved to Iowa, then Dakota Territory, 1884. Educated and taught in Boston. Wrote of "Middle Border" (Wisconsin, Iowa, SD) while in Chicago and NY. died in Hollywood .


1891, Main Traveled Roads

1917, A Son of the Middle Border.

Fictionalized version of author's life in South Dakota.

1899, Boy's Life on the Prairie.

1928, Back-trailers from the Middle Border.

Continuation of Garland's autobiographical account in which family goes back East.

1921, A Daughter of the Middle Border.

Combination of lives of mother and wife. Pulitzer Prize.

1902, The Captain of the Gray-horse Troop

1910, Cavanagh, Forest Ranger.

1909, The Moccasin Ranch: a Story of Dakota


**Giago, Tim , 1934-

Columnist, editor of Dakota Times

1984, Notes from Indian Country

1991, The American Indian and the Media


**Gilfillan, Archer B.,1886 -1955

Born on MN Indian Reservation. Attended Amherst, grad. from U of Penn. 1910--homesteaded in Harding Co., SD. Later became sheep herder and wrote of experiences. 1933--retired to log cabin near Spearfish.

1929, Sheep


**Goble, Paul, 1933-

Born in England. Interested in things Indian all of his life. Pursued study of Indians and began career in industrial design. 1959--toured Sioux and Crow reservations in SD and MT, returned many times. Was adopted into Yakima and Sioux tribes with name Wakinyan Chikala, (Little Thunder) by Chief Edgar Red Cloud. Taught in England, later moved to SD to live in Black Hills.

1994, Adopted by the Eagles: a Plains Indian Story.

1989, Beyond the Ridge

1987, Buffalo Woman.

1978, The Girl Who Loved Horses.

Winner of Caldecott Medal.

1987, Death of the Iron Horse

1983, Star Boy

Iktomi books.

Traditional "trickster" tales, humorous but with moral lesson.


**Goertz, Reuben, 1918-1993

1994, Princes, Potentates, and Plain People

Essays about the Germans from Russia in South Dakota ed. by Arthur Huseboe


**Grigsby, Melvin, 1845-

1888, The Smoked Yank

Memoir of a South Dakotan who was a Civil War soldier, at Andersonvile Prison.


**Harris, Kennett, 1865-1930

Born in England. Came to SD with brother in 1880's. Homesteaded, started newspaper, worked as clerk in Fall River Co. Set stories in Black Hills area. Wrote for Sat. Eve. Post.

1920, Meet Mr. Stegg.

Example of frontier humor and tall tales, in the manner of Mark Twain


Harvey, Brett, 1936-

Writes books for young people about life in the 1800's

1986, My Prairie Year: based on the diary of Elenore Plaisted.

Nine year-old Elenore describes her experiences living with her family in Dakota Territory inthe late 19th century.

1990, My Prairie Christmas

Elenore Plaisted's family celebrate their first Christmas on the homestead.


**Hasselstrom, Linda M., 1943-

Born in TX. Daughter of John (rancher) and Mildred (secretary); married and divorced Daniel G. Lusk; married George R. Snell, who died in 1988. B.A. USD, 1965. M.A. Univ. of MO at Columbia, 1969. Writer, rancher, educator.

1984, Caught by One Wing (poetry)

1993, Dakota Bones: Collected poems of Linda. Hasselstrom.

1987, Going Over East: Reflections of a Woman Rancher.

1983, Horizons: the South Dakota Writers' Anthology.

1991, Land Circle: Writings Collected from the Land.

1987, Windbreak: a Woman Rancher on the Northern Plains.

1997, Leaning into the Wind, ed.


**Higbee, Paul

Coumnist, writer for South Dakota Magazine.


Hueston, Ethel Powell, 1889-


1933, Blithe Baldwin.

Young woman working on poorly-run dude ranch in Black Hills. Persuades father to let her become a rancher.

1937, Calamity Jane of Deadwood Gulch.

1935, Star of the West

1933, That Hastings Girl.

Returns from luxurious Eastern life to care for two half sisters on SD ranch.


**Hunhoff, Bernie

Editor, pulblisher of South Dakota Magazine.


**Jennewein, J. Leonard,1910-1968

Taught at Dakota Wesleyan, emphasis on Western history, literature.


1962, Black Hills Booktrails.

Dakota Panorama. Ed.

1953, Calamity Jane of the Western Trails


**Karoloevitz, Robert F.,1922-

Born in Yankton, SD. SDSU, Univ. of Oregon. Lives at Mission Hill, SD. Free-lance writer, columnist of historical works, humorous essays. Member of SD Heritage Hall of Fame.

1969, The Prairie Is My Garden: the Story of Harvey Dunn.

1983, Tears in My Horseradish

1985, Toulouse the Goose: a Collection of Columns.


Kemp, David, 1952-

The Irish in Dakota


**Kohl, Edith Eudora, 1884-1959

Born in Il. 1908, came to SD and homesteaded near McClure with sister. Began newspaper to make ends meet. Established Ammons post office and store. 1909, fire destroyed the building, so she left SD to live in WY and Denver, but continued to write about SD. Benefactress of Presho area.

1938, Land of the Burnt Thigh. (sounds autobiographical, but author says not) Features two single women who homestead on their own near Pierre, on Lower Brule. Gives strong endorsement of co-operation on frontier.


**Krause, Herbert Arthur , 1905-1976

Born in Fergus Falls, MN. Taught at Augustana College, served as writer in residence. Director of Center for Western Studies. Historical novels reflect midwestern background. Also, nat'l hist. works.

1954, The Oxcart Trail.

1946, The Thresher.

Literary guild selection. Ambitious young farmer wants to lead a threshing crew. Is ultimately overtaken by advancing ag technology.

1939, Wind without Rain.

Bestseller, winner of Friends of American Writers Award. Tragic story of German-American settlers in Fergus Falls area of MN.

1990. Poems and Essays of Herbert Krause.


**Lane, Rose Wilder, 1887-1968

Born in DeSmet, SD, the daughter of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder, working journalist for Kansas City Star and San Francisco Chronicle, primary editor of Little House series based on her mother's journals.

1933, Let the Hurricane Roar Part 1 of Young Pioneers

1938, Free Land Part 2 of Young Pioneeers

1977, Rose Wilder Lane, Her Story


Lee, Robert, 1920-

1964. Last Grass Frontier

Traces South Dakota stock-growing heritage.


**Lillibridge, William, 1877-1909

Born in Union Co., SD. Graduated from College of Dentistry in IA. 1898, set up practice in Sioux Falls. Wrote novels in addition to dental practice.

1905, Ben Blair: the Story of a Plainsman.

Cowboy with unknown background becomes conventional "good guy" of West

1909, The Dominant Dollar

1908, The Quest Eternal

1907, Where the Trail Divides.

Based on Sioux uprising of 1862. Includes Indian raid, death, rescue, adoption, romance, marriage, divorce, etc.

1908, The Dissolving Circle. Two men and the woman they both love.

1910, Quercus Alba, the Veteran of the Ozarks.

Long essay about giant white oak that grows to dominance, then decline, death.


Love, Nat, 1854-1921

1907, Life and Adventures of Nat Love.

Autobiography of black cowbody better known in cattle country as Deadwood Dick.


**Manfred, Frederick , 1912-1994

Born in northwest IA. Graduated from Calvin College in MI. Played semi-pro basketball. Used name Feike Feikema for early works. Served as writer-in-residence at USD.

1944, The Golden Bowl.

Story of SD during days of drought and Depression.

1954, Lord Grizzly.

Survival story of mountain man Hugh Glass, mauled by bear and left for dead along Missouri River.

1947, Riders of Judgment

1959, Conquering Horse

Young Indian's odyssey to get his name, it contains remarkable incidents in effort to capture spirit of Sioux.

1964, Scarlet Plume.

Based on 1862 Sioux Uprising. Woamn captive rescued by Scarlet Plume, who is eventually captured and hung by U. S. army.

1966, King of Spades

1992, Of Lizards and Angels


McDonald, William, 1924-

1990, The Nunda Irish.

Joys and sorrows of life of Irish immigrants in Dakota.


McGaa, Ed, 1936-

Born on Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. Ed. at St. John's Univ. in MN. Law school at USD. Oglala Sioux lawyer, writer, lecturer.

1992, Rainbow Tribe.

Ordinary people journeying on the red road.

1990, Mother Earth Spirituality

1995, Native Wisdom.

Perceptions of Indian spirituality as the natural way.

1971, Red Cloud.

Story of Oglala Indian who rose to leadership in Sioux nation because of his skill with weapons and words.

Sun Dance Four.


McGinnis, Mark-

1994, Lakota and Dakota Animal Wisdom Stories

Dakota and Teton folklore compiled and illustrated by Mark McGinn and retold by Pamela Greenhill Kaizen.

1996, Elders of the Faiths: interviews and portraits.


**McGovern, George, 1922-

Born in Avon, SD. B.A. Dakota Wesleyan, 1945. Ph. D. Northwestern, 1953. SD Senator 1963-1980. Democratic presidential candidate, 1972.

1996, Terry.

Describes daughter's life-and-death struggle with alchoholism.


McLaughlin, Marie, 1842-?

Grandmother was full-blood of Medwakanton Band of Sioux, wife of Major James McLaughlin, the Indian agent at Standing Rock during time when Indians were being settled on reservations. Lived on reservations for 40 yrs., knew the language.

1916, Myths and Legends of the Sioux.


**McNeely, Marian Hurd, 1877-1930

1929, The Jumping-off Place.

Story of young orphan brother and sister homesteading near Dallas, SD. They succeed in spite of great hardship, thanks to heroine.

1932, The Way to Glory and Other Stories

1932, When She Came Home from College.

1931, Winning Out


**Micheaux, Oscar, 1884 -1951

Descendant of slave, served as Pullman porter, travelled to West. 1904, registered for claim in Indian lands of Rosebud, settled in Gregory Co., SD. Farmer, writer, innovator in agriculture, movie producer. Wrote about life in SD.

1945, The Case of Mrs. Wingate

1913, The Conquest: the story of a Negro Pioneer.

Accurate depiction of settlement era in Rosebud country. Black homesteader takes up land near Dallas.

1915, The Forged Note: a Romance of the Darker Race.

1969, The Homesteader: a novel

Faithful depiction of author's experiences.

1947, The Masquerade: an Historical Novel

1946, The Story of Dorothy Stanfield

Great insurance swindle.

1943, The Wind from Nowhere


**Milton, John R., 1924-1995

Born in MN. Taught at USD 1963-95. Poet, editor, fiction writer.

1973, The Tree of Bones, and other poems

1987, New Wine (novella)

1976, The Literature of South Dakota

1976, The American Indian Speaks.

Writings by Oscar Howe, Robert Penn, Dona Whitewing, Bea Medicine.

1974, The Blue Belly of the World (poetry)

1974, Crazy Horse (bio)

1974, Plainsong; Conversations with Frederick Manfred

1977, South Dakota, a Bicentennial History


Neihardt, John Gneis, 1881-1973

Born in Illinois. 1886, family moved to sod house in Kansas. Taught in country school, assisted Indian trader, frequently lived among Sioux as he wrote fiction and poetry.

1932, Black Elk Speaks.

Edited conversation with famous Indian spiritual leader who lived at time of Battle of Little Big Horn and massacre at Wounded Knee.

1949, Cycle of the West.

Epic narrative poems about Hugh Glass, Jedediah Smith, and Other Mountain Men.

1972, All Is But a Beginning: Youth Remembered.

1970, The Splendid Wayfaring.

1970, When the Tree Flowered.



**Norris, Kathleen, 1947-

Born in Washington, D.C. Bennington College. Lives in Lemmon, SD. Married to David Dwyer, poet.

1971, Falling Off.

1981, The Middle of the World (poetry)

1989, How I Came to Drink My Grandmother's Piano: Some Benedictine Poems

1993, Dakota: a Spiritual Geography

Tells how history, character, and living of Great Plains has impact on one's spirit, drawing author to wisdom of desert fathers and peace of simplicity.

1995, Little Girls in Church.

Like Dakota, is spiritual and personal reflection in poetry

1996, The Cloister Walk.

Inspired by writer's stays in monastery, which gave her new perspective on solitude, creativity, everyday events.

1998, Amazing Grace, a Vocabulary of Faith.

Alphabetical "vocabulary" of stories, essay, reflections.


**O'Brien, Dan, 1947-

Writer, rancher, conservationist and falconry expert in northwest SD

1987, The Spirit of the Hills.

Story involving killings by mysterious animal, Indian occupation, search of revenge in drug-related murder.

1996, Brendan Prairie

Accidental death of developer entwines with relationshipsamong a lonely man, his daughter and an environmental investigator

1987, Eminent Domain. (short stories)

1997, Equinox: Life, Love, and Birds of Prey.

1991, In the Center of the Nation

Stuggle of ranch and small town families living on edge of the Badlands, description of landscape, ranch and rodeo life

1988, The Rites of Autumn: a falconer's journey

Traces rehabilitation and retraining of peregrine falcon


Oaks, Barbara

1986, The Bannisters: a Historical Novel Set in Dakota.

1993, Prairie Tales and Others

1991, Queen City of the Plains: a Historical Novel.

1995, Wild Flowers and How They Grew


Over, William

Author of many definitive natural history books on SD, professor at USD for many years.

1941, Indian Picture Writing in South Dakota.


Parker, Watson, 1924-

Writes non-fiction books about history and stories of Black Hills places, towns, etc.

1981, Deadwood, the Golden Years

1966, Gold in the Black Hills



**Reynolds, William J.,1956-

Born in NE. B. A. Creighton Univ. 1979. Lives in Sioux Falls, SD. Mystery stories all feature the private eye, Nebraska.

1995, Drive-by: a Nebraska Mystery

1988, Money Trouble: a Nebraska Mystery

1990 Moving Targets

1990, The Naked Eye: a Nebraska Mystery

1984, The Nebraska Quotient


Rezatto, Helen

Author of many specialized history books on SD., (Black Hills, Calamity Jane, etc.)

1989, The Making of the Two Dakotas


**Riggs, Stephen, 1812-1883

1880, Mary and I: Forty Years with the Sioux.

Misisonary work among the Dakota including work in Pierre area.


**Riggs, Mary Ann Clark Longley, 1813-1869

1997, A Small Bit of Bread and Butter

Letters from Dakota Territory, 1832-1869


**Robbins, Kenn, 1944-

Born in GA. B.S. Georgia Southern College, 1964. M.A. Univ. of GA 1969. Ph. D. Southern IL Univ. 1982. Assistant Prof. of theater and English at USD. Lives in Sioux Falls, SD. Author of novels, plays, short fiction.

1987, Buttermilk Bottoms.

Killie Willie leaves farm to try his fortune in big- city slum, where life borders on grotesque. 1995, The Baptism of Howie Cobb.

Howie leaves Georgia for the Black Hills CC Camp, where he experiences a"reawakening." 1981, The Audition. (play)

1979, The Dallas File: a drama in two acts

1980, A Good and Dandy World (play)


**Robinson, Doane, 1856-1946

1928, Tales of the Dakota: One Hundred Anecdotes Illustrative of Sioux Life and Thinking.

A sequence of vignettes taken from reminiscences of men and women who served in Indian Field Service. Mixture of myth and information collected by South Dakota's first historian.


**Robinson, Ronald, 1936-

Playwright, director, novelist. Prof. Augustana College

1996, Thunder Dreamer

1990, Kitchen Dance (play)

1989, Aces and Eights (play)

Musical based on life and death of Wild Bill Hickok.

1970, Whatever Happened to Radio (play)

Musical comedy nostalgia.

1991, National Invisible (play)

1964, Mucho Gusto (Windswept), (play) Musical set in Mexico

1971, Firebringer (play) Based on R. J. Oppenheimer's controversial career as atomic scientist and opposition to development of hydrogen bomb.

1977, Words and Savages.

Collected poetry with Arthur Huseboe


**Rolvaag, Ole Edvart, 1876-1931

Born in small fishing town in Norway. As a boy, read American and British novels. in 1896, borrowed money from uncle farming near Elk Point and came to U. S. Enrolled in school in Canton. Graduated from St. Olaf College in MN. In 1906, became Prof. of Norwegian at St. Olaf, where he remained until his death. Wrote novels in Norwegian, which were then translated into English.

1929, Giants in the Earth.

First part of trilogy of Norwegian immigrants homesteading in SD.

1929, Peder Victorious.

Traces Americanization of second generation SD homesteaders.

1931, Their Father's God

Third part of trilogy deals with conflicts between ethnic groups and cultures in SD

1971, The Third Life of Per Smevik

1973, Pure Gold

1974, The Boat of Longing: a novel

1984, When the Wind is in the South, and Other Stories.


Rounds, Glen, 1906-

1951, Hunted Horses

Set in Badlands, about horses' struggle to survive natural enemies and men hunting in airplanes. 1948, Stolen Pony.

Story of friendship between dog and pony in Badlands.


**Ruste, Rudolf G., 1892-,

Born in ND, 1901, moved to Montrose, SD farm. Student at Northern State Teachers College, where he collaborated with Lindberg to start Pasque Petals.

Day Dirt (poetry)

Daddy's Poems


**Sandoz, Mari, 1896-1966

Born in NE. Writer, teacher, proofreader, researcher. Wrote many books about SD matters.

1961, These Were the Sioux

1954, The Buffalo Hunters: the Story of the Hide Men.

About historical importance of bison herds, their significance to Great Plains Indians, and the methods of consequences of their near expermination by hunters 1850-85.

1942, Crazy Horse: the Strange Man of the Oglalas (bio)

1953, Love Song to the Plains (hist.)

1955, Miss Marissa, Doctor of the Gold Trail.

Takes place in Deadwood in Gold Rush days.


Seals, David, 1947

Born in CO. Writes screenplays, stage plays, reviews, documentary videos, essays.

1983, The Powwow Highway: a comic novel.

1990, Thunder Nation.

About spritual, indigenous revolution in Black Hills.

1991, Third Eye Nation.

1992, Sweet Medicine.

Sequel to Powwow Highway.

1989-91, The Poetic College: Essays and Poems on Literature and Society.

1991, Third Eye Theatre


**Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk, 1933-

Born in Rosebud, SD. Teacher, writer, counselor. Books provide accurate portayal of Native American life.

1975, The Chichi Hoohoo Bogeyman

1975, Three Lakota Grandmother Stories

1995, Completing the Circle (autobio.)

1973, Dakota's Heritage: a Compilation of Indian Place Names in SD.

1993, The Sioux

1972, Jimmy Yellow Hawk

Contemporary Lakota boy going to rodeo, searching for lost mare in dangerous storm, in dance contest, learning to trap animals.

1972, High Elk's Treasure

Story of contemporary Lakota family. Involves mystery of old rawhide bundle discovered in cave, details of reservation life.

1974, When Thunders Spoke

1989, Dancing Teepees

Anthology of songs and poems illustrated by Stephen Gammell

1997, The Trickster and the Troll

Combination of Lakota trickster tales and Norwegian folk tale


SD Writers' Project

1941, Legends of the Mighty Sioux.

Federally funded oral history project collected these legends. ed. Lisle Reese.


**St. Pierre, Mark, 1950-

1991, Madonna Swan: a Lakota Woman's Story

1995, Walking in the Sacred Manner: dealers, dreamers, and pipe carriers.


**Standing Bear, Luther,1863 -1939

Born on Pine Ridge Reservation, SD. Dakota chief, actor, lecturer, author. Attended Carlisle Indian School and returned to Rosebud. Later, joined Buffalo Bill Wild West show. Died in CA

1933, Land of the Spotted Eagle

Biographical sketches of early life, manneres, customs, morals and character.

1931, My Indian Boyhood

1928, My People, the Sioux

Written as an attempt to explain the ways of his people at critical time in Sioux-White relations.

1931, The Tragedy of the Sioux

1934, Stories of the Sioux


**Stensland, Doris

1977, Haul the Water, Haul the Wood.

1992, Ole's Promise


Taylor, Kathleen, 1953-

Lives in Redfield, SD

1993, The Missionary Position: the first Delphi, SD mystery.

Waitress Tory Bauer must solve the mystery of the dead body found in her cafe closet. 1996, Sex and Salmonella. Tory Bauer finds a corpse at a carnival.

1997, Hotel South Dakota: a Tory Bauer mystery


**Theisz, Ron D., 1941-

Born in Yugoslavia. B.A. City Univ. of New York, 1964, M.A., Middlebury College, 1965, Ph. D., New York Univ., 1972. Prof., Sinte Gleska College, Rosebud, SD, 1972-77; Prof., Prof., Black Hills State Univ., 1977--

1975, Buckskin Tokens: Contemporary Oral Narrative.

Includes Henry Black Elk, Kate Blue Thunder, Irene Clairmont, Christine Dunham.

1976, Songs and Dances of the Lakota (with Ben Black Bear)

1994, Standing in the Light : a Lakota Way of Seeing. (With Severt Young Bear, 1934-1993)


**Unger, Douglas, 1952-

Born in Idaho. Sheep rancher in SD 1970-73

1986, El Yanqui

1984, Leaving the Land. Chronicles three decades in the life of Marge Hogun and her family's farm near Newell, SD, after WW II. Critics praised this portrait of life in rural America as land was exploited by business and industry.

1988, The Turkey War.

Also set in Newell, SD. Brings in obscure history of proced labor of German prisoners brought here during WW II.


**Warren, Margaret Lemley

1991, The Badlands Fox

West River memoir.


**Unger, Douglas, 1952-

Born in ID. Sheep rancher in SD, 1970-1973.

1984, Leaving the Land

Chronicles three decades in the life of Karge Hogun and her family's farm near Newell after WWII. Critics have praised this portrait of life in rural America as land was exploited by business and industry.

1988, The Turkey War

Also set in Newell. Brings in obscure history of forced labor of German prisoners brought here during WWII.


Utley, Robert, 1929-

1963, Last Days of the Sioux,


**Veglahn, Nancy, 1937-

Born in Sioux City, IA. Author of biographies and fiction for youth. Prof. at SDSU and USF.

1968, Peter Cartwright, Pioneeer Circuit Rider

1985, The South Dakota Story

1971, The Buffalo King; the Story of Scotty Philip

Scottish immigrant who settled in Dakota Territory in late 1800's campaigns to preserve vanishing bison.

1970, Follow the Golden Goose

In 1876 a phony gold rush in Dakota Territory greatly influences the life of a fourteen-year-old boy and his father who have just come west, tells how cats came to Deadwood.

1972, Getting to Know the Missouri River

Describes people and events important in history and exploration of "Big Muddy."

1970, South Dakota.

Surveys history, geography, resources, economy, and people of SD.


**Visser, Audrae,1919-

Poet laureate of SD, editor of Pasque Petals

1986, Country Cousin (poetry)

1991, Grass Roots Poetry


**Volk, Craig Francis

Poet and dramatist.

1980 , Mato come heal me; a collection of poems

1995 , Porchlight

Young adult with AIDS returns to the family farm.


**Wagner, Sally Roesch

1993, The Grandmother Who Climbed to the Top of the World.

Helped by the animals, plant and elements she befriends along the way, Prairie Grandmother reaches her goal--and our hearts."

1989-, Daughters of Dakota series

1994, Elizabeth Cady Stanton through Her Stories.

1975, The Declaration of the Rights of Women: 1876.


**Williams, Elizabeth

Brookings Register columnist.

·1989, Reflections of a Prairie Daughter

·1993, More Reflections of a Prairie Daughter


**Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

Born in WI. Moved to Dakota Territory in 1879 to homestead. Lived and taught here. Books based upon these experiences. 1894, left for MO.

1941, Little Town on the Prairie

Story of farm and town life in early DeSmet, SD

1940, The Long Winter

1939, By the Shores of Silver Lake.

Winter of 1879, when Laura and family lived in surveyor's house.

1943, These Happy Golden Years.

Laura's teaching in a rural school and courtship of Almanzo

1971, The First Four Years.

During their first four years of marriage, Laura and Almanzo Wilder have a child and fight a losing battle in their attempts to succeed at farming on the SD prairie.

1962, On the Way Home.

Diary of a trip from SD to Mansfield, Missouri.

A Little House Sampler: A Collection of Early Stories and Reminiscences.



Wood, Frances Gilchrist

1932, Turkey Red.

A young wife proves better able to succeed on the homestead frontier than does her husband.


Woodard, Charles

Strong resources about SD Indians. Prof. at SDSU.

1989, As Far As I Can See

Contemporary writing of the Middle Plains.

1989, Ancestral voice: Conversations with N. Scott Momaday.

1991, Regional Directory of Native American Resources.


Woster, Terry

Grew up in Chamberlain. Brothers Jim and Kevin are also journalist/writers. Columnist, journalist for Argus Leader.

1990, The Woster brothers' brand : episodes out of a shared inheritance


Yellow Robe, Rosebud

Daughter of Chauncey Yellowrobe, hereditary chief Lakota-oyate

1969, An Album of the American Indian.

Summarizes the way of life of seven American Indian tribes before the Europeans came. Describes how the arrival of the white man changed the life of the Indian through war and by isolation on reservations.

1979, Tonweya and the Eagles, and other Lakota tales.

A collection of animal tales first told by the Plains Indians, interwoven with factual information about the Lakota people.


**Young, Steve

Writer, columnist for Sioux Falls Argus Leader


**Zietlow, E. R.,1932-

Born in Presho, SD. Lived on ranch, attended Dakota Wesleyan. Wrote short stories, poems.

1978, The Indian Maiden's Captivity, and The Heart of the Country.

Two novels published in one volume.

1961, These Same Hills.

1977, A Country for Old Men and Other Stories.


**Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938

(Gertrude Bonnin) Born at Yankton Sioux Agency, SD. Attended school in Wabash, IN, graduate of Earlham College, Richmond, IN, 1897; studied at Boston Conservatory of Music 1899-00. Was accomplished speaker, musician. Died1938, in Washington, SD, of heart and kidney disease

1976, American Indian Stories.

Impressions of an Indian childhood, based upon own experiences.Commentary on various aspects of Indian life.

1901, Old Indian Legends.

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