Especially for Young Readers
Armstrong, Jennifer , 1961-

Born in MA

1995, Black-eyed Susan

Ten-year-old Susie and her father love living on the SD prairie with its vast, uninterrupted views of land and sky, but Susie's mother greatly misses their old life in Ohio.


Big Crow, Moses Nelson (Eyo Hiktepi)

A Legend from the Crazy Horse Clan.

Lakota legend Ed. Renee Sansom-Flood


**Cleaver, William, 1920-1981

Collaborated with wife, Vera, on youth fiction.


**Cleaver, Vera 1919-1992

Born in Virgil, SD. Attended school in Kennebec. Began writing at age six under influence of grandfather, a newspaper publisher. Collaborated with husband, Bill, to write dozens of stories for children and young adults.


1975, Dust of the Earth

Fourteen-year-old Fern tells the story of her cantankerous family's move to a farm they inherit in the Badlands of SD.


Erdoes, Richard, 1912-

Born in Vienna, Austria.

1976, The Sound of Flutes and Other Indian Legends.

Legends include stories by Lame Deer, Jenny Leading Cloud, Leonard Crow Dog illustrated by Paul Goble.


**Goble, Paul, 1933-

Born in England. Interested in things Indian all of his life. Pursued study of Indians and began career in industrial design. 1959--toured Sioux and Crow reservations in SD and MT, returned many times. Was adopted into Yakima and Sioux tribes with name Wakinyan Chikala, (Little Thunder) by Chief Edgar Red Cloud. Taught in England, later moved to SD to live in Black Hills.


1994, Adopted by the Eagles: a Plains Indian Story.

1989, Beyond the Ridge

1987, Buffalo Woman.

1978, The Girl Who Loved Horses.

Winner of Caldecott Medal.

1987, Death of the Iron Horse

1983, Star Boy

Iktomi books.

Traditional "trickster" tales, humorous but with moral lesson.


Harvey, Brett, 1936-

Writes books for young people about life in the 1800's


1986, My Prairie Year: based on the diary of Elenore Plaisted.

Nine year-old Elenore describes her experiences living with her family in Dakota Territory inthe late 19th century.

1990, My Prairie Christmas

Elenore Plaisted's family celebrate their first Christmas on the homestead.


Karr, Kathleen, 1946-

The Cave.

Drought and the Depression threaten twelve-yearold Christine's family's farm. she discovers a cave be their salvation.


Kaizen, Pamela Greenhill,

1994, Lakota and Dakota Animal Wisdom Stories.

Dakota and Teton folklore compiled and illustrated by Mark McGinnis.


Rounds, Glen, 1906-

1951, Hunted Horses

Set in Badlands, about horses' struggle to survive natural enemies and men hunting in airplanes. 1948, Stolen Pony.

Story of friendship between dog and pony in Badlands.


Sanders, Mary Frances

1982, Robert in the Forbidden Land.

Story about first white boy in Black Hills.


SD Writers' Project


1941, Legends of the Mighty Sioux.

Federally funded oral history project collected these legends. ed. Lisle Reese.


**Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk, 1933-

Born in Rosebud, SD. Teacher, writer, counselor. Books provide accurate portayal of Native American life.

1975, The Chichi Hoohoo Bogeyman

1975, Three Lakota Grandmother Stories

1993, The Sioux

1972, Jimmy Yellow Hawk

Contemporary Lakota boy going to rodeo, searching for lost mare in dangerous storm, in dance contest, learning to trap animals.

1972, High Elk's Treasure

Story of contemporary Lakota family. Involves mystery of old rawhide bundle discovered in cave, details of reservation life.

1989, Dancing Teepees

Anthology of songs and poems illustrated by Stephen Gammell


Thomasma, Kenneth, 1930-

Born in MI

Kunu: escape on the Missouri.

Following the forced removal of his people from Minnesota to Crow Creek SD, a Winnebago Indian boy embarks on a dangerous journey to return to his dying grandfather to his MN homeland.


Turner, Ann Warren, 1945-

Born in MA. Author of many books for children


1991, Grasshopper Summer.

In 1874, eleven-year-old Sam and his family move from Kentucky to the southern Dakota Territory, where harsh conditions and a plague of hungry grasshoppers threaten their chances for survival.

1985, Dakota Dugout

1993, Grass Songs. (poetry)

About traveling West


**Veglahn, Nancy, 1937-

Born in Sioux City, IA. Author of biographies and fiction for youth. Prof. at SDSU and USF.


1968, Peter Cartwright, Pioneeer Circuit Rider

1985, The South Dakota Story

1971, The Buffalo King; the Story of Scotty Philip

Scottish immigrant who settled in Dakota Territory in late 1800's campaigns to preserve vanishing bison.

1970, Follow the Golden Goose

In 1876 a phony gold rush in Dakota Territory greatly influences the life of a fourteen-year-old boy and his father who have just come west, tells how cats came to Deadwood.

1972, Getting to Know the Missouri River

Describes people and events important in history and exploration of "Big Muddy."

1970, South Dakota.

Surveys history, geography, resources, economy, and people of SD.


Webster, Lorrain

1980, Stories for Little Sioux and Others Too.


**Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957

Born in WI. Moved to Dakota Territory in 1879 to homestead. Lived and taught here. Books based upon these experiences. 1894, left for MO.


1941, Little Town on the Prairie

Story of farm and town life in early DeSmet, SD

1940, The Long Winter

1939, By the Shores of Silver Lake.

Winter of 1879, when Laura and family lived in surveyor's house.

1943, These Happy Golden Years.

Laura's teaching in a rural school and courtship of Almanzo

1971, The First Four Years.

During their first four years of marriage, Laura and Almanzo Wilder have a child and fight a losing battle in their attempts to succeed at farming on the SD prairie.

1962, On the Way Home.

Diary of a trip from SD to Mansfield, Missouri.

Young adult with AIDS returns to the family farm.

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