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Non-Traditional Students

Purpose: We know non-traditional students may face a different set of challenges than the traditional student such as: anxiety of delayed enrollment or re-entering after high school, academic success, balancing work and family, and finding a connection on campus.

Benefits: Our Non-traditional Peer Assistants are successful non-traditional students who can help inform, advocate, and connect you to DWU and the TRiO program.

Characteristics of a non-traditional student:

  • Delays enrollment (does not enter postsecondary education in the same calendar year that he or she finished high school);
  • Returning to postsecondary education as a result of changing career goals;
  • Attends part time for at least part of the academic year;
  • Works full time (35 hours or more per week) while enrolled;
  • Is considered financially independent for purposes of determining eligibility for financial aid;
  • Has dependents other than a spouse (usually children, but sometimes others);
  • Is a single parent (either not married or married but separated and has dependents); or
  • Does not have a high school diploma (completed high school with a GED or other high school completion certificate or did not finish high school).


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