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Assessment Table

In preparation for the upcoming North Central Accreditation we are asking recent graduates to reflect on their educational experience at Dakota Wesleyan.

Listed below are 28 outcomes which DWU has identified as important for its graduates to achieve. Please indicate how you would evaluate your DWU experience in terms of each objective.

very poor
very good
1. Preparing for your career
2. Developing in you an understanding of your cultural heritage, including religion/philosophy, literature/arts, and social institutions
3. Developing an appreciation of cultures other than your own
4. Exposing you to a variety of perspectives and beliefs
5. Helping you to develop individual and collaborative problem-solving skills
6. Helping you to see how academic ideas can be related to important contemporary life problems and issues
7. Insuring that you have skills in basic quantitative analysis
8. Developing your skills in oral and written communication
9. Promoting your commitment to physical wellness
10. Developing your capacity and disposition for leadership
11. Enabling you to understand and utilize scientific methods
12. Developing your appreciation of the interrelatedness of all fields of study
13. Providing you with opportunities and skills to practice techniques of research
14. Enabling you to engage in original and creative work
15. Assisting you in developing in-depth knowledge in at least one academic field
16. Enabling you to effectively judge the validity of what you encounter, balancing analytical/logical/critical and synthetic /intuitive/appreciative judgment
17. Assisting you to develop a sense of religious maturity and commitment
18. Encouraging you to be involved in activities of service to humanity
19. Building your confidence and maturity
20. Helping you to develop an understanding of self
21. Developing your appreciation for various alternatives for pursuing knowledge
22. Encouraging you to consider issues in terms of both facts and values
23. Enabling you to develop relationships of personal concern with other students, faculty and staff
24. Developing your skills in and commitment to life-long learning, self-education and intellectual development
25. Assisting you to develop your own system of humane values
26. Increasing your ability to be open and understanding in relations with others
27. Developing your skills in basic information literacy
28. Developing your skills in selecting and using technologies appropriate for academic and vocational activities

What aspects of your DWU experience (including academic and co-curricular) were most valuable to you?

Alumni Programs

What form(s) of communication are best in helping you stay informed
about DWU and its Alumni Association activities? (Check all that apply)

How would you rate your interest in being connected with the Alumni Association?
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If an alternative event/gathering were to be held on campus during the summer, would you attend?   
What types of future events would you like to see the Alumni Association sponsor?
Would you help organize a DWU Alumni Association event in your area?   

Which of the following DWU/Alumni events have you attended/participated in the past few years?

Rate your experience
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If the Alumni Association offered apparel, mugs, and other items for sale, what types of items would interest you most?

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