Housing Intention Form

This form must be completed by ALL students.

Note: You will not be guaranteed housing until you have been registered for classes and have paid a $50 housing deposit.

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Certain scholarship amounts require on-campus living regardless of meeting the above criteria.

Residential Students Must Complete This Section

All residential students must be on a meal plan, please select your preference
(if no choice is indicated, you will be charged for the 15 meal plan)

Please answer the following questions to aid
the Director in making your housing assignment.

Have you already arranged for a roommate at DWU?

If so, list the student's name and room number/address here:

Would you prefer a single room, at additional cost, if it is available?

Do you smoke?

If not, do you prefer a roommate who doesn't?

I feel most comfortable in my room when...

What time do you like to go to bed?

I would classify myself as...

When I study, I...

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What hobbies or activities do you enjoy?

What activities do you plan to be involved in at DWU?

List some of your high school activities and honors.

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Additional comments, questions or concerns.

I certify that the information provided above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If I am found to be in violation of the Dakota Wesleyan University Housing Policy, I understand that I will be required to comply with the policy, move back into a residence hall and will be liable for the full semester's residential living costs.

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